Paranormal fun and screaming good times at the Dickens Horror Film Festival


Our friends at Colorado Festival Productions are gearing up for the 3rd Annual Dickens Horror Film Festival, and a custom sticker really brings the spooky factor to the party. There are blood splatters, a full moon ripe for howling, and optimal event branding for the venue host. It's both fun and freaky, kind of like the Dickens Horror Film Fest itself.

Longmont's Dickens Opera House is rumored to be haunted, and it takes its name from William Henry Dickens a relative of the famous author Charles Dickens who built the place in 1881. According to their website, there is a tale of an actor and his girlfriend who were discovered and killed by the irate husband of the actress. Many performers have claimed to experience paranormal activity when playing shows at the venue, which makes it a perfect place to hold a horror film festival.

The organizers have built a program that's more that just gore and fear, as they've selected thrillers, chillers, and slashers that will make you scream and laugh. There are 22 total films over the course of the day, with two feature films to cap off the entire festival.
Events at the Dickens Horror Film Festival celebrate the entire process of film making; from the exchange of ideas with other determined filmmakers, engaging in the craft of film making and giving recognition to the unique visions of other artists thru the awards. Join us in celebrating that hard-fought journey to create a film.

Colorado Festival Productions want their audience to connect with the artists, the musicians and the filmmakers that have made Longmont and The Front Range their home. Their hope is that you’ll discover a film that warms your heart, touches your soul, or just makes you think. Stickers make for the perfect parting gift when patrons leave any type of festival, so make sure that as the credits roll you're ready with your own custom stickers. It's an instant way to connect with an audience and then have them take your brand on their own journey.

This is the third Colorado Festival Production where we're helping with stickers. We like their mission of being the best full-service production and equipment rental company that's committed to building the film industry in Colorado. They also have a streaming platform and other production offerings. Here are the other two festivals that we've worked on with their custom kiss cut stickers.