ARROW seeks to diversify the corporate workplace through education

arrow kiss cut sticker

ARROW is passionate about diversifying the corporate workplace. To help promote their message, they printed up a custom shaped kiss cut sticker that shows a woman with a cape signifying empowerment.

The team at ARROW analyzed the lack of diversity of socioeconomic position and gender among business professionals, and they saw a huge gap. They wanted to solve that problem, so they are trying to provide free educational resources to girls and students in under served communities. Their project aims to make success less exclusive by providing resources to high school students of all genders and economic class.

ARROW is focusing on two major topics: education reform in New York City and women in tech and business. To address education, they hope to provide high school students of every race, class, and gender equal access to education. When it comes to women in tech and business, only 21 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of computer workers has declined since 1990 and only 25% of computing jobs are held by women. That's how both of these ARROW initiatives can work together to help empower young women to go into tech and business, by addressing those two core problems.

Following the model of free resources for the community, ARROW NYC is holding their second free citywide tech and business event will take place at Hunter College High School. There will be an afternoon filled with speakers, workshops, and prizes and swag bags. The only requirements are that you are a girl in middle school or high school who is interested in the intersection of computing and business. These stickers will be all over, and we look forward to seeing them on social media. We want to help this team close the gender gap and grow jobs in tech and business leadership.

And anyone can help out with this initiative! If you come across an internship opportunity, immersion program, or online resource relating to business and finance or computer science and tech, please pass it along to the ARROW team. These opportunities can change perspectives on future careers and spark interest in a brand new field.

For ARROW, the story of helping girls succeed will get spread one superpowered sticker at a time.