Peace, Love and WordPress at WordCamp Sacramento and WordCamp Tokyo


WordCamp Tokyo and WordCamp Sacramento will be gathering for a weekend full of WordPress and sticker love. With exquisitely designed sticker sheets, these WordCampers will have plenty of application options for their creative peel offs.

Designing a sticker sheet is no easy task: you've got to balance the space on the sheet with the amount of peels that you want to provide for folks to stick, plus of course being creative with your design elements. Lucky for the WordCamp folks, they always have a team of artists that incorporate some element of fun and local branding. In the case of WordCamp Tokyo, they went with an All Wapuu Sheet, which makes sense seeing as Matt Mullenweg directed the design of Wapuu to a team of Japanese WordPress users back in 2009.

Let's break down each sticker sheet individually.

WordCamp Tokyo Sticker Sheet Brings All the Wapuus


The design team has seven total Wapuus on the sheet, and they are all in a different costume, whether Wapuu is a climbing a spire, in full samurai gear or wielding a mighty artist's brush. The event peel has the Tokyo Skyline with the Tokyo Tower and other prominent features, plus a winged Wapuu holding a crystal ball. So many fun options for WordCampers to place wherever they please.

Peace, Love and WordPress at WordCamp Sacramento


Four tie-dyed circle peels, three of them WordPress logos, a Just Passin' Through styled walking man with a WordPress logo rainbow behind him, the class VW bus with a WordPress logo car shield and license plate with their event hashtag and rounded out by an "All You Need Is Love" custom kiss cut heart shape. We'd have to agree with this Peace and Love message, with one addition: WordPress.

With that, we wish Peace, Love and WordPress to all of our organizing teams around the world, and big thanks to the Sacramento and Tokyo design teams for bringing these awesome sticker sheets through the factory. We can't wait to see the sessions unfold on social media this weekend, and to hear all of the great stories from new and old WordCampers alike.