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Custom WordPress Wapuu Sticker Sheets ready to rock in Nashville at the third annual WordCamp US


The Grand WordCamp of them all is upon us: WordCamp US. A rotating festival held every year for two years in each location, this is the largest WordCamp of its kind in the world, and this year, Nashville plays host to WordCamp US 2017.

Wapuu is en route ready to rock on his sticker sheet. There's rockstar Wapuu, two event location stickers, with the highway shield design and the boots, a Tennessee State Flag sticker and a WordPress logo, then a rooster that's lit, and one last WordPress logo that says "Howdy."

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. Contributors work on the WordPress Core to help develop the open source technology that powers nearly 25% of the modern Internet.

Music City Welcomes WordCamp US

WordCamp US 2017 will be held at Music City Center, 2.1 million square feet of conference awesomeness in the heart of Nashville. WordCamp'ers will groove on the downtown location where they can take in Nashville’s many offerings.

Or, hang out in Music City Center, as it doubles as a gallery for public artwork. There are 50-plus artists and more than 100 pieces of stop-and-gaze artwork. The installation features paintings, suspended pieces, new media, mosaics, and light works throughout the building.

It's not a WordCamp without and After Party, which will be at the Adventure Science Center where they are more exhibits to explore, food, drinks, a photo booth, and karaoke.

Shoutout to all of the organizers at the local WordCamp Nashville team for their work on the ground in advance of this event, and all of the global WordPress team that's making it a great experience.

WordCamp US Schedule and State of the Word

The WordCamp schedule is packed with speakers and of course, the annual "State of the Word" address from Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic and creator of WordPress. Other talks center on using WordPress themes, best practices in web design and discussion topics like how diversity can make businesses, organizations and conferences better or how the WordPress community can be leaders in helping fix the lack of diversity in tech problem. You can both learn and be inspired, while at the same time networking and enjoying a great community and location for a conference.


The hashtag to follow is #WCUS, and you can find all of the social accounts, from Facebook WordCampUSA to Twitter @wordcampus and Instagram @wordcampus.

Event Stickers are a great way to extend your brand

Stickers also engage your audience in ways that are unimaginable. We see dozens of a events a week pass through our shop, and it never ceases to amaze us how creatively some organizing teams approach their events. You can go with a logo sticker, or a sticker sheet like WordCamp. The possibilities are endless with our many custom stickers. Just add your unique take to tell your story.

WordPress is WordCamp Rochester's super power as they bring a Kodak moment to their custom sticker sheet


When the weekend rolls around, we have our sponsor spotlight shining on many volunteer-led events all around the country. Today we're telling the sticker story of WordCamp Rochester and their sticker sheetWordCamp Rochester will be November 18 at SUNY Brockport, and we wanted to send them a shoutout for all of the hard work going into this weekend. It's all about the venue sponsor, and they've offered their space for this second-ever WordCamp Rochester--thanks to the team at the Rochester WordPress Meetup group.

Stickers are a fun and different way to promote your brand and delight the people at your event. With sticker sheets, you have the chance to have a few designs occupying the same space, and when WordCamp gets to work, they bring in a lot of great elements.

Let's take a closer look at what makes up an iconic event sticker.

Designing a great event sticker sheet


With WordCamp stickers, we see great design and fun local tie-ins to each sheet that comes through the shop. If you know anything about Rochester, New York, then you know it's the third-largest city in the Empire State and the home of many major American corporations, most famously the Eastman Kodak Company.

With this iconic brand in mind, the designers brought in the WordPress branding with Wapuu clutching an old Kodak camera with a collection of photographs. Then there's two other WordPress logo stickers with the city skyline of Rochester wrapped around the top. Lastly, you'll see the five different peel offs that feature funny sayings that WordPress lovers will instantly recognize, like "I don't make free websites" and "WordPress is my super power!" Many a web designer has been asked to help someone out for free, or for "exposure," and this sticker sheet plays on that familiar conundrum.

WordCamp: Learn about WordPress with like-minded folks

For those not familiar with WordPress or WordCamp, a WordCamp is a volunteer-led, community-oriented conference that focuses on everything WordPress, which is one of the most-popular digital publishing solutions for the modern Internet. Small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, massive media companies--they're all using WordPress to power their content management and delivery.

WordPress is an open source project, which is just one of the many reasons we've supported their events for years. We love the informal natures of these events and that it's by WordPress users in their local communities. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. This helps the local WordPress community flourish by learning not only from each other, but from a great lineup of speakers who want to share their knowledge.

Workshops and Tracks at WordCamp Rochester 2017

Rochester’s WordCamp will divide its workshops over three tracks, from basic to professional.

The Beginner/Blogger Track is for people who are new to website design, blogging, or WordPress. The sessions are designed for novices who want to blog or be on the web for other personal projects. Likewise, operators of small businesses or non-profit organizations will learn how to promote their enterprises using their own websites with no coding or other technical knowledge.

The Intermediate/Flex Track is one step up and intended for site owners, established bloggers, and entrepreneurs to learn how to communicate with a designer, how to blog effectively, and how to tell whether projects are going well. The overall focus is on website content. Attendees in this track need familiarity with HTML, the basic coding language of the Internet.

The Designer/Developer Track will find interest among professionals and DIY WordPress builders. The sessions here will focus on the graphical end of design and customizing website themes. Skill with HTML and CSS is recommended.

Event Stickers are perfect for any gathering

WordCamps aren't the only events that use stickers or sticker sheets. 5K races, fundraisers, and school groups all use sticker sheets. After all, you get more bang for your buck with a sheet of a few stickers, and if you design it around a theme, you can even tell a story on that sheet, with the peel offs serving as an interactive piece of art for your attendees. These WordCamp sticker sheets peel easily to slap on a laptop or another free piece of swag like a paper notebook, and when people leave your event, they enter the world as a brand ambassador for your community.

Try out our custom stickers for your next event.

Custom sticker sheets bring the WordPress community together and spread the WordCamp message


We've got a really busy weekend of events, and today we're highlighting WordCamps that feature simply sublime sticker sheets with creativity and design in spades.

Our dear friend Wapuu has two visits scheduled: first he's taking a trip (by horseback!) to WordCamp Dallas-Forth Worth, and then he's off to WordCamp Orlando as a many-costumed super hero. This cuddly character really logs those frequent flyer miles to spread the WordPress message.

Since these are event stickers, the organizing team has the opportunity to include their event branding with a unique, local touch. When it comes to events, we support many volunteer-led initiatives all around the world through stickers, whether they are logo stickers or event branded sticker sheets. Promotional stickers are one of our favorite product types, and the WordPress community has been printing up these whimsical stickers for years.

More than just just fun stickers, they're web design too

Another reason we love these event stickers is that the corresponding websites take the theme from sticker, and then the site design and navigation icons all relate to the theme of the year. Since we see so many events, it's interesting to watch them grow over the years and become more sophisticated. WordCamps, as a general rule, have a great organizational structure and focus on celebrating and developing the WordPress core.

Event stickers reach people where they are

WordCamps have plenty of educational opportunities for attendees to grow their skills and improve their knowledge of WordPress, and since WordPress powers nearly 25% of all websites on the Internet, we know that the folks who are there will be helping build the World Wide Web of the future. Events are place where we find StickerGiant stickers on laptops, on car windows and all over tables where businesses are representing their services. Stickers help you promote your brand and your message, and a sticker sheet provides customization like few other products.

Sticker sheets take flight to WordCamp Seattle with custom Wapuus and WordPress branding

WordCamp-Seattle-2017-Sticker-Sheet-Wapuu-webWordCamp Seattle is back with a custom Wapuu sticker sheet celebrating Wordpress and the aviation culture of the Seattle area.

WordCamps are a volunteer-led conference for the WordPress community that bring together designers, developers and publishers for a weekend of networking and learning about WordPress, one of the web's favorite development platform.

This event sticker sheet has the event hashtag #WCSEA, the WordPress mantra "Code is Poetry," two Wapuus with one on a set of pilots wings and one as a flying plane, and lastly there's a set of WordPress logo pilot wings. Plenty of branding, whimsy and collectable fun for the attendees in Seattle.

StickerGiant Loves WordCamp

We print up these promotional stickers, usually in sheets, for nearly every WordCamp in the world. We've been providing this sponsorship because we're WordPress users here at StickerGiant, and we really enjoy the hard work and dedication the organizers put into each event. Plus, and let's be serious, we love creative sticker designs, and the WordCamp sticker designers always delight.

Why you should use a sticker sheet for your next event

Sticker sheets are a terrific way to promote your event and your brand. The sticker sheet is an economical choice because you can get a few different designs onto your sticker. Plus, you can give the person who gets the sticker a bit of creative license on where they put the sticker options. These stickers typically print on our white gloss material, but there are some events that use our clear product.

When it comes to designing sticker sheets for an event, you want to get a few logos on there, add the custom event branding and your relevant social icons. Calls to action are great as a marketing tool. This way, people can slap these peels wherever they want, and they serve as a traveling promotion for your team. And when your fans take pictures and post them on social media and then tag you? Well that's pure gold, and they're doing your job for you...which is the whole point of these event stickers.

If this sounds like a good idea for your next event, try out our custom sticker options and tailor them to your needs.

Philly Style Wapuu takes over a Halloween-themed WordCamp sticker sheet


We're heading to the City of Brotherly Love for WordCamp Philly 2017, which is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, October 28 and 29. Sticker sheets help celebrate the event and the Halloween season.

Wapuu-filled sticker sheet

Four different Wapuu characters grace this Halloween-themed sticker sheet with nine total stickers packed onto this design. There is always a ton of creativity on WordCamp stickers, and Philly '17 one is no exception. Just look at Vampire Wapuu clutching the Liberty Bell, Philly Cheese Steak chowing Wapuu, mummified Wapuu carrying a pumpkin with the Philly LOVE sign that has the WordPress logo in it, and lastly boom box carrying Wapuu. All of these elements are Philadelphia staples, and they are all represented perfectly by their sticker design team.

The Philly WordPress Community

Philadelphia has an active monthly Meetup-based community that brings together WordPress fans from all around the metro area to create a local community. This Meetup features local WordPress luminaries that contribute their time and their code for all to share and benefit.

What's a Wordcamp?

Well WordCamps started as a way for WordPress communities around the world to gather. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users. It's all volunteer-driven, which is why we have been sponsoring these events for so many years. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. It's great. We've printed up hundreds of sticker sheets and WordPress logo promotional stickers.

WordCamp Philly is intended to be the premiere WordPress-related technical conference in Philadelphia. It is a two-day event, with the Saturday schedule packed with learning opportunities. This year there is going be a Sunday Contributor Day, which is hands-on hackfest that helps improve the WordPress codebase. Contributor Day is also for anyone who want to to help out and to learn from some of the most talented people around.

For WordCamp Philly, speaker sessions will be at the University of the Sciences. The After-Party (a key piece to any WordCamp) will begin at 6 pm Saturday at William Street Common. Read the post on their site for more details. If you want to learn more about Contributor Day page for the Sunday schedule.

WordPress Y'all! Get ready Austin, Birmingham and New York City, it's time for a WordCamp weekend and Wapuu stickers

WordCamp Austin and WordCamp Birmingham stickers

Wapuu-themed WordCamp stickers and sticker sheets are traveling to three different cities this weekend, with Austin, Birmingham and New York City on the list. Aficionados of WordPress will gather to celebrate the web's favorite content management and development platform, and learn a whole bunch in the process.

For each locale, Wapuu is ready to code and play with a local theme. Down in Austin, Wapuu is keeping it weird with a tie-dyed shirt and a scrumptious street taco, Birmingham Wapuu is doing some metal work with some serious sideburns and in New York City Wapuu has stolen Lady Liberty's crown and he's climbing the Empire State Building. Wapuu really has all the fun.

WordCamp Austin went with a simple kiss cut sticker for their design as you can see in the photo above, which means that the backing is slightly larger than the sticker. They'll be able to pass these out during the event and stack them all over their WordCamp for their fans. WordCamp Birmingham has a three-peel sheet with an Alabama state outline featuring their event branding, the hard-working Wapuu and a phrase "WP Y'all" that's the perfect mix of subtlety: you get the WordPress reference and the southern drawl.

WordCamp NYC Clear Sticker Sheet

WordCamp NYC went with our clear sticker product for their sticker sheet, which is why you see the blue background. We do that on the artwork proof so people know that the backing will be clear. This sheet has the three different treatments of their event logo design, which is the Empire State Building and the WordPress badge in one. Then of course our cuddly friend Wapuu scaling the building with the Statue of Liberty crown. With four total stickers, this make for a fun and portable piece of brand collateral.

WordCamp NYC 2017 sticker sheet

As with any WordCamp, it's all about the volunteers and the organizing team, so we wanted to give a shout to all of the hard work they've put in leading up to this weekend. As you can see below, Wapuu is ready to roll thanks to the creative and talented designers who made sure he had everything he needed to rock his WordCamp appearances.