Santa Barbara Stoked Puts 100% Stoke Into Every Custom Sticker and Handplane Board

StickerGiant-Santa-Barbara-Stoked-Die-Cut-Collection-2018-blogFor fans of Santa Barbara Stoked (SBS), stickers are a super cool, fun way to display their SBS stoke. These custom die cut logo stickers are printed on durable polypropylene so they are water and UV resistant. SBS stickers are perfect for anywhere you travel, whether it's on cars, skateboards, surfboards, phone cases, guitar cases, luggage and laptops.

Founders Matt and Tammy have been surfing together for over 20 years, and they feel blessed to live where they can surf the awesome waves of Santa Barbara County. Tammy started surfing at a young age and then was surfing competitively. Her passion for surfing continued with bodyboarding and bodysurfing, and she developed her love for handplaning.

What's a handplane, you ask? Well using a handplane allows you to catch waves easier and faster, surf longer rides, hold your line, change direction and push through the barrel before closeouts. A handplane helps you work on your bodysurfing technique and have more fun.

They started making handplanes as a way to test different board designs and they found it was a fun way to express their passion for the art and craft, while sharing that same passion for bodysurfing with others.

Each board model has been inspired by bodysurfing the waves in Santa Barbara County. Each design has been water-tested in multiple conditions and surf breaks to ensure you'll have the best equipment possible. Bonus: Their paints and stains have been tested to prove they can endure the ocean, beach and sun.

With all that care they put into each board, you will feel the stoke as you ride on these handplanes. All handplane purchases include stickers and a custom handplane bag.

What's great about their sticker collection is that they have their "Castle Logo," the "Badge Logo," the "Script With Logo" and then the custom area code "805 With Logo." There are so many options for their customers to pick from on display. To create this logo, they borrowed the castle from the Santa Barbara flag and then of course brought in the mountains and ocean that help create the "American Riviera" tucked into the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. They give a shoutout to designer Dustin Patterson for helping them create their awesome logo.

More about Custom Logo Stickers for Small Businesses

For a new business, getting the brand out into the world is one of the biggest hurdles to recognition. Santa Barbara Stoked is barely a year old, and when we spoke to their team, they gave us some advice through their comments. "When I started this business, I was excited and also nervous," says Tammy. "When I ordered stickers, I wasn't sure what to pick, but the team at StickerGiant helped me get the best product for our store. We love them, and so do our fans." In short, they knew they had a great brand, but they just need that extra bit of help to bring their dream to life. We understand that starting a small business is a series of challenges, but whether it's a product label for a jar or bottle, or a promotional sticker to give away in each box you send, we're able to find a product to fit your needs. We'll make it easy to share your story with a quick turnaround so you can move on to the other interesting challenges as you start your business.

One final note when it comes to Santa Barbara Stoked: check out the staging on this photo above. They have all of their sticker products, and they are arranged in a wonderful pattern against an ideal contrasting background. They really capture the essence of their brand through beautiful imagery with interesting compositions. Check out their Instagram account @SantaBarbaraStoked to see more of what they are doing with their products and how they are creating a lifestyle around their brand.