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Photo from WikiMedia. Stickers from StickerGiant and Startup Weekend Sevilla.

Startup Weekend Sevilla is hosting their special Aerospace edition this weekend. Cool Startup Weekend beaker icon on a gridded background. The deep blue makes for a solid pop of color. During the weekend, entrepreneurs of all stripes will spend 54 hours building and brainstorming. What's great about Startup Weekends is that they show the incredible talent in a city and the great ideas that can be carried out. We're super pumped to be shipping to Spain these days as we expand our markets.

Starting on Friday attendees are invited to submit their best idea in an intense minute and entice other participants to join their team. After hearing all ideas, there will be a vote among the participants is to choose the most popular ideas. Then teams form. During Saturday and Sunday, the teams design and shape their startup with the help of mentors and facilitators to finally develop the business plan. Then on Sunday afternoon, the teams present their prototypes to a panel of judges, in a pitch of five minutes.

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