SnoSan Hand Sanitizer Labels Help J&L Distilling Provide An Essential Product


J&L Distilling Company in Boulder, Colorado, is known for their hand-crafted spirits, but in the time of Covid-19, they've pivoted to creating a new product: SnoSan Hand Sanitizer, an 80% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. This follows a trend in the distilling industry as distillers are uniting to help their communities with hand sanitizer.

The SnoSan Hand Sanitizer is a World Health Organization-prescribed formula that meets CDC and FDA healthcare personnel hand-washing requirements. It's a liquid formula that allows for easy application.

For local delivery in Boulder, Hungry Buffs are now delivering sanitizer, and J&L has wholesale and volume discount pricing available. There is also onsite pickup from 11am to 6pm, Monday through Friday at the 4843 Pearl Street location. There are a few options, with 23.7 oz (700 ml), 1 gallon (3.785 L) and even 55-gallon drums, 250 gallon totes and larger—that's a lot of hand sanitizer! They also provide 4oz (empty) flip-top bottles for $1 each.

Did you know that a 700 ml bottle holds about 700 applications and can last four people up to a month? Well, that's the rough math for hand sanitizers, and J&L wants to make sure that people know that in these times proper hand sanitation is key to avoiding the spread of Covid-19. Their theory is that the best way to increase compliance using hand sanitizer is to provide convenient and immediate access to hand sanitizers. The team at SnoSan recommends buying larger size containers and filling smaller containers placed in a variety of locations for easy access and use when soap and water are not available.

J&L Distilling has been featured on local news here in Colorado,  and they have been donating to community partners around the country.

The product labels they used feature their "sno"-flake logo that also compliments the brands on their spirit labels. It's a simple, bold black-and-white treatment for the design of this essential product in times of stringent hygiene. They have different sizes for different applications, whether it's a 55-gallon drum or a small squeeze bottle. The way they are using the same design helps them scale their label needs along with their production. We are thankful for this innovative business and their ability to pivot on a dime to create a new product and still give back to the community.