The Nonprofit Reframe Podcast Uses Stickers to Promote Their Show


The Nonprofit Reframe Podcast is a production from long-time friends and nonprofit professionals Brittny Wilson and Nia Wassink. They started The Nonprofit Reframe Podcast to talk about the realities of the sector that nobody wants to talk about. For their show, they wanted to create something different that wasn't just another nonprofit best practices podcast. They cover topics like dysfunctional boards, gala mishaps, the issues with philanthropy and much more.

To promote their podcast, they ordered die cut logo stickers that feature their deep blue background and holds their logo design, which is a frame (get it? reframe?) that contains the name of the show. Then they have the sub-header and tagline of "Undervalued, Under-resourced and Unrelenting." The nonprofit sector is one full of dedicated staffs no matter what the mission, and at StickerGiant we are proud to work with many nonprofits and charities on events of all types. This sticker will help share their story as they grow their podcast. When it comes to a product like a podcast, it can be hard to get the word out.


Starting up the show came from an organic process of conversations between these two friends and colleagues. "We finally got to a point where we had 50 podcast episodes, and we're like, okay, this is real. We actually have a podcast here," said Wassink. "We wanted to provide an opportunity to have conversations that we as friends and colleagues are having, but that, as a whole, the sector really isn't. And so that's what we're chipping away at episode by episode."

Once they started recording, it was a matter of marketing and promotion of the show, which came naturally at the start, according to Wilson. "Word of mouth has been a little bit easier for us, because we run in so many social circles within the nonprofit industry," says Wilson. "It's a very tight knit community, so the word got around pretty quickly." That word spread as far as Wisconsin, as a listener contacted the duo about getting some stickers sent in the mail to help promote the show across the Badger State. It just goes to show that a good podcast has spread far and wide, and it takes a dedicated team to pull it off, plus loyal listeners to keep it going.

Brittny and Nia joined our Stickers on the Mic show to share their journey as podcasters, and how nonprofit staff are adapting during Covid-19 and social distancing. One last plug for their show: The Nonprofit Reframe will be broadcast live on Tuesday, May 12th as part of Boulder Startup Week, an event we've supported since the very beginning. It's free, all you have to do is register. Now enjoy this special episode of Stickers on the Mic, below!