Sponsorship Desk: Ignite Denver 21


Ignite Denver is back at the Oriental Theater. Photo Credit: Space United.

We're stoked to announce this weekend's sponsorship, as it's a local event down in Denver, and it's part of the Ignite community that we love so much.

Biker Jim’s Dogs will be slinging grub starting at 6pm when the doors open and the crowds starting filing in. Show time is 7pm and will run until 10. Then it's afterparty time! Dandu will take the stage and rock the house until closing time.

As they like to say with Ignite talks:
Don’t miss out! You will be delighted, you will be entertained, and you will leave slightly smarter than you arrived!

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now.

Here's the speaker list and their topics:

  1. Juan Diaz de Leon – The Online Dating Struggle Is Real

  2. Matt Holmes – Nightmares of Student Loans and Credit Cards

  3. Erin McElroy – A Call to Adventure – Geeking out on the Hero’s Journey

  4. Tom Groover – How Do Corporations Control Us?

  5. Elan BenAmi – Synchronicity and Self-Actualization

  6. Katie Mason – Velvet Covered Pringles: The Gift of Dreamtime Absurdity

  7. Amanda Yuill – Blow Up Your Life! (Figuratively Speaking)

  8. Jayson Gaddis – Shattering the Marriage Fantasy in 5 minutes

  9. Adrian DeBarros – Edgar Allen Poe and Dr. Seuss stuck in a photo booth.

  10. Kyle Shannon – The Renaissance of Storytelling

  11. Mariah Master – The Worlds Largest Industrial Disaster you don’t know of.

  12. Kurt Woock – We gave up our car! (but that’s not really the point)

  13. Doyle Hanks – I wanted to do something about gun violence.

You can watch the livestream on their YouTube page, or from the video embed below:
And of course you can follow the #IgniteDenver action on Twitter.