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Full House at Ignite San Francisco 12


"With clouds as mean as you've ever seen. Ain't a bird who knows your tune. Then a little (Ignite Talk) inside you Whispers, Kid don't sell your dreams, so soon..."

Ignite Talks are about sharing your interests and passions with the community. November 2nd, 2016 at the Marine Memorial Theatre is Ignite San Francisco 12. Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm. In the spirit of all Ignite Talks, we print up their custom logo sticker with the sparks and the bright red Ignite branding, but with a Bay Area twist of the famed Sutro Tower and the iconic fog that collects around its base and in the hills and valleys of the San Francisco Peninsula.
The Ignite Talk challenge to the speaker is to: Enlighten us, but make it quick.

Ignite San Francisco is a night of speedy presentations. Presenting on a subject of their choice, speakers have exactly 5 minutes to teach something or simply inspire, but the twist is that the speaker has 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds. For Ignite SF 12, organizers are asking the speakers to share part of their world. To show us behind the curtain.

You can follow the #IgniteSF action on Twitter.

Live from Ignite Boulder 29


StickerGiant is always on board for sponsoring community events all around the country, and we are proud to be a long-time sponsor of Ignite Boulder. On Thursday night May 19th, as part of Boulder Startup Week, we'll be at the Boulder Theater live streaming from the @IgniteBoulder Periscope account and Ignite Boulder Facebook Live account for Ignite Boulder 29. We love the funny and ironic name tags that we print on our kiss cut stickers for each event.

Since it's Boulder Startup Week, and as is tradition, Ignite Boulder helps round out the week-long, community centered event that has taken over this growing mountainside enclave. If you are around Boulder, and you didn’t grab a ticket, you can put your name on the waitlist here.

Not sure what an Ignite talk means? It's a night of presentations on a variety of topics – with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides, that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is a worldwide movement, and Boulder hosts the largest in the world every 2 or 3 months. Check out some of the archived videos on their YouTube page. Below watch a playlist of the talks from the December Ignite Boulder 28.

It's worth the wait to check out one of Boulder’s top live community-run events. You can follow the action on Twitter, or one of the live streams.

Ignite Boulder 28 Videos

Sponsorship Desk: Ignite Denver 22


Tonight is Ignite Denver back for ID22. They've got their events stickers, just like last year when we sponsored Ignite Denver 21. The Oriental Theater plays host to an evening of Ignite Sparks, where there will be learning, heckling, drinking and eating (thanks Biker Jim’s cart!).

The lineup is solid and built to inspire. If you can't make it to the venue, you can watch on their YouTube channel. Ultralowfi will be playing the afterparty, and you can check in for tickets.

Thanks to all Spark presenters for Ignite Denver 22, and big props to the organizers!

  • Kimberly Brokling – Deal with that obnoxious morning person… by becoming one!

  • Michelle Archuleta – Disparities in Medicine: A Journey from MIT & Harvard to Rural Colorado

  • Mike Kilcoyne – Stop Being Such a Wimp – Thoughts on The Power of Honesty

  • Shawna Urbanski – Why life is wonderawetascially horruckful!

  • Brier Fine – I am Not my Stereotype

  • Paul Heffner – Get an Extra 30 Minutes in Your Day

  • Chrysta Bairre – White on Welfare

  • Meagan Cain – We Will Rise: Resiliency in Chaos

  • Mike Sudolsky – Temporal Architecture – Denver Homeless Shelters

  • Andy O'Connor – Five Minutes to Freedom – 4 Financial Blunders that Kill Your Financial Goals

  • Joe Fleenor – The World at its Best

You can also follow along live on the #IgniteDenver on their Twitter account.

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Sponsorship Desk: Ignite Boulder 28

Ignite Boulder 28

Boulder is ready to ignite for the 28th time tonight. The long standing Ignite Boulder is happening for the first time since Ignite Talks has officially launched and is set up to give us all a fun night out before the Holidays.

Not familiar with Ignite Talks?
"Ignite is a series of speedy presentations. Presenters get 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation which lasts just 5 minutes.Ignite events are held in cities around the world."

The Boulder Theater will be packed again with attendees all proudly wearing name tag stickers with awesome statements related to the talks. From "I'm the person who spikes the eggnog at family holiday parties" to "Die Hard is still the best Christmas movie," there are always awesome name tags to snatch up at Ignite Boulder.

The event will again be live streaming on the Ignite Boulder Periscope account, so tune in. Stop by and say hi, as we will be posted up by the soundboard running our sticker tagged iPad for the stream.

We will also be bringing a special guest, Saul the Largest StickerBall. As we continue to pursue the Guinness World Record of the Largest Sticker Ball leading up to National Sticker Day on January 13th, we want you to be involved and put your name on it. We are encouraging everyone to recycle their name tag stickers on the StickerBall, after you have had laughs and created memories at another great Ignite.

Follow the action on Twitter @igniteboulder and #IgniteBoulder: 
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See you all there!

Sponsorship Desk: Ignite Denver 21


Ignite Denver is back at the Oriental Theater. Photo Credit: Space United.

We're stoked to announce this weekend's sponsorship, as it's a local event down in Denver, and it's part of the Ignite community that we love so much.

Biker Jim’s Dogs will be slinging grub starting at 6pm when the doors open and the crowds starting filing in. Show time is 7pm and will run until 10. Then it's afterparty time! Dandu will take the stage and rock the house until closing time.

As they like to say with Ignite talks:
Don’t miss out! You will be delighted, you will be entertained, and you will leave slightly smarter than you arrived!

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now.

Here's the speaker list and their topics:

  1. Juan Diaz de Leon – The Online Dating Struggle Is Real

  2. Matt Holmes – Nightmares of Student Loans and Credit Cards

  3. Erin McElroy – A Call to Adventure – Geeking out on the Hero’s Journey

  4. Tom Groover – How Do Corporations Control Us?

  5. Elan BenAmi – Synchronicity and Self-Actualization

  6. Katie Mason – Velvet Covered Pringles: The Gift of Dreamtime Absurdity

  7. Amanda Yuill – Blow Up Your Life! (Figuratively Speaking)

  8. Jayson Gaddis – Shattering the Marriage Fantasy in 5 minutes

  9. Adrian DeBarros – Edgar Allen Poe and Dr. Seuss stuck in a photo booth.

  10. Kyle Shannon – The Renaissance of Storytelling

  11. Mariah Master – The Worlds Largest Industrial Disaster you don’t know of.

  12. Kurt Woock – We gave up our car! (but that’s not really the point)

  13. Doyle Hanks – I wanted to do something about gun violence.

You can watch the livestream on their YouTube page, or from the video embed below:

And of course you can follow the #IgniteDenver action on Twitter.

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Ignite Boulder 26 at Chautauqua Auditorium

StickerGiant Ignite Boulder 26 2015

StickerGiant Ignite Boulder 26 Sponsored Sticker Name Tags

Ignite Boulder is back! We had a great time in May at the Boulder Theater during Ignite Boulder 25, which took place during Boulder Startup Week. We heard about community involvement, diversity and plenty of other awesome topics. In fact, this last edition has circulated on the interwebs as the community discussion spilled over onto social media and local news.

Tonight’s edition will be taking place in the historic and beautiful Colorado Chautauqua Auditorium, nestled against the foothills and Boulder’s iconic Flatirons. The program is stacked with engaging sparks (talks under five minutes with auto-advancing slides), and it stands to be a typically inspiring evening. We love making these sticker name tags for Ignite, and it's always a treat to see what funny ideas they put on these stickers.

If you are around Boulder, and your schedule is open, definitely make your way up the hill and check out one of Boulder’s top community events. StickerGiant is always on board for sponsoring community events all around the country, and we are proud to be a long-time sponsor of the first—and largest—Ignite in the world.

Check out our time lapse of Ignite Boulder 25 and the crowd filling in the Boulder Theater.