Startup Weekend Guadalajara


This weekend we have a Startup Weekend in Mexico. Our friends at Startup Weekend Guadalajara really brought it with a colorful custom sticker sheet that 13 different peel offs, including eight different Startup Weekend "lab people" designs. These are the types of whimsical, yet refined, designs that work so well on sticker sheets. They also have an event logo with a soldier wearing a helmet, plus a few quotes and sponsor logos. A well-rounded, well-thought-out set of stickers.

Startup Weekends are "all action and no talk," where participants have a learning experience and total immersion for 54 hours where they can start a new business or incubate a new product idea.
60-second pitches result in the formation of small teams around the best concepts. 54 hours are spent focusing on customer and product development, validating ideas and building prototypes with the help of experienced mentors. Finally, each team has the chance to present their results and receive feedback from a panel of industry experts.

Before we go, a big thanks to all of the other sponsors, the organizers, the mentors and the judges. These weekends are always a community effort, and when the village gets together, magic can truly happen.