Startup Weekend Kids Mexico City 2016


Starting today through Sunday, Startup Weekend Kids Mexico City 2016 will be bringing together kids to focus their ideas into a business, and in the process have the opportunity to realize their wildest plans into tangible objects. Parents can be involved, and there will be games and problem solving sessions of all kinds, including a LEGO visualization exercise. Safe to say, the program is packed for these kids, and they will have an awesome sticker sheet with six individual peel offs of fun characters to stick wherever they please (just ask mom and dad!).

How does it work?

Startup Kids weekend is an event of 19 hours over a weekend, providing an educational experience in a fun learning environment where children are free to create, experience and bring their ideas reality. Participants will form teams according to the project ideas they have chosen. Through workshops, lectures and mentoring for three days, they will be in contact with expert coaches to guide their project, Mentors will provide the tools needed so that the kids can experience the process of turning an idea into something real.

Who can participate in this startup Weekend kids?

All children from 8 to 12 years are invited to bring their ideas to take the next step, to make friends, and to experience fun. These organizers know that children have both the talent and the creative minds to discover, so they are creating an experience to connect kids with entrepreneurs to witness the positive impact that they can generate in our society. Plus, this team is convinced that entrepreneurship is the best way to promote the progress of society and human welfare. Startup Weekend is the entry point to the world's most important ventures, and Techstars is helping incubate entrepreneurs who will lead the future startups.

Thanks to the organizers and mentors for taking the time to arrange and attend this awesome community event (@alyssonfranklin, @solsona, @samarasalas, @stefica88, @erkluna, @wenyrmz, @huracaned, @XochOrtega).

Check out this video about last year's Startup Weekend Youth.