StickerGiant Transit Authority Announces Record Number of Interoffice Scooter Trips


Across the country, dockless scooters are trending, from Manhattan Beach to the Borough of Manhattan. Some communities embraced this new mode of transportation, while others are struggling to figure out how scooters fit in to the transportation matrix. With new services coming online in metro areas, it's fair to say that these two-wheeled human locomotive devices are changing how people do business and get around these urban areas.

Here in the Weaver Park Road Industrial Complex on Longmont's scenic East Side, Team StickerGiant has picked up the trend. That's right, scooters are part of our interoffice transportation plan. Now our staff can zip around the factory and over to our marketing studio across the street. While these are not the motor-powered versions you'll see in many American cities (we're looking at you, Austin), our fleet of scooters have been properly stickered, and they are becoming a part our company culture.
"Since we moved our marketing studio out of the factory, we were looking for a way to speed up meeting time transit," says Jesse Freitas, Marketing Director at StickerGiant. "Plus we added some fun into the trip. Now people are coming over from the factory to visit. No one needs a reason to ride a scooter."

Colorado is no stranger to the scooter phenomenon. In fact, just this month the City of Denver reported that the Denver's fleet of nearly "1,300 scooters has traveled nearly 1 million miles since August 1, 2018, according to data the companies have provided to the city." They are saying that on an "average day in Denver, people will tap their phones and unlock a scooter nearly 5,000 times." That's so many touchpoints for customers and potential for business.

While finding a parking spot can be a challenge, this latest addition to the StickerGiant workforce is changing the game for everyone who rides them. The StickerGiant Transportation Authority is now recording daily scooter trips, with 20 daily inter-factory trips across six departments in the building. The inter-office scooter trips are clocking in around 200 per week amongst the marketing team and team members visiting the studio. Future scooter initiatives include a sticker road throughout our studio and expanded integration into our day to day. Who knows we might even hold scooter relay races someday in the name of team building.

Watch this space, as they say.