STL Sticker Swap Attempts World Record for Stickers on a City Bus in Saint Louis


When the team at STL Sticker Swap came to us with their crazy idea of setting a Guinness World Record for stickers on a bus, we were more than happy to entertain their vision. After all, we did the same thing a few years back when we built the World's Largest Ball of Stickers and Saul the Sticker Ball was born. STL sticker swap wants to promote the diversity of Saint Louis and celebrate local businesses in a fun and unique way, while setting a world record in the process. They printed up a bunch of different die cut stickers, including a fun name tag sticker. They are big with the magenta color theme, and they have a few different custom shapes to suit their creative design. The STL Sticker Bus is a super clean vector design, and then they also printed up sponsor stickers for those that are participating.

They want to share their love of stickers with the world. They have a few artist-themed stickers, but anyone can participate. Send them your stickers with a mail back stamped, and they will send you some of theirs to spread the love. Stick them on your wall, laptop, books, phone or on  a friend's back when their not looking. Share all your stickers bombing with them (#stlstickerwsap) and with us (#stickergiant).