The Oakley Soap Co of Cincinnati brands their handmade products with custom shaped labels on a roll


The Oakley Soap Company is a family run business in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally, the business started as a hobby, and is now a passion for teaching the world about artisanal soap.  You can see how they are using a custom shaped label on a roll to hand apply to their handmade soap.

All their products are hand cut, which allows for a unique piece of soap for each customer, as no two items are the same. They use the highest quality vegan- and palm-free ingredients, and they strive to work with women-owned small businesses suppliers. Laura Pipitone is the owner and head soap maker, and when she's not deep in a batch of soap she's checking out all the cool stuff Cincinnati has to offer. She says: "You should visit. It's an awesome and underrated city."

With 27 different products currently in stock and new ideas always brewing, this is one soap and bath brand that's worth keeping an eye on. They even have soap made for the Harry Potter fans out there, affectionately named after the heroine Hermione, and made just for those with sensitive skin. We saw the photo above on their Instagram feed, and we really enjoyed seeing the way they framed the shot and included both the roll of labels, their product in process and then the final label on the bar of soap. Kudos to them for the shoutout and for taking the time to stage such a nice composition.

More about product labels for soap and bath products

Our product labels work on a variety soap and bath products. We were able to host the team from Moon Bath Ritual in our studio to talk about their use of our labels and how they are growing their brand. It's worth a listen if you're an up-and-coming brand. With options like Glossy White Labels, Matte, and Clear Labels, our team can help you choose the perfect type of label for your brand. You can pick the orientation on the label if you're using a machine to apply to your products, and you can choose a finish option as well. We make sure that your colors are all digitally printed so your products travel into the world with the best possible look and feel.