The SisterYard Organic Cold Brew Coffee Starts With Family and Coconut Water


Yami and Tina are the Correa sisters behind The Sister Yard, an organic cold brew coffee brand. They were born in Venezuela, raised in Miami, and are now based in New York City.

They learned from a young age that they could tell a story through their creations, as their home has always been filled with family and friends who love to gather around the kitchen. "We grew up watching our abuela, tias and mom use food to celebrate the big and small moments of our lives," Tina says.

When they moved from their home country, they became inseparable.  Later on, food became their careers. They both approached food from different angles, Yami being in the culinary arts and Tina immersing herself the other in the science behind food. They thought they would go their separate ways, but their shared values and new found knowledge of food made them realize that they had something meaningful and bigger than themselves to share. The SisterYard began as weekend cooking classes in their backyard. On weekdays they had their regular jobs, but they cooked on nights and weekends. In order to make it all happen, they were early risers and late night workers with little brain space for much else.

Their Coconut Cold Brew Concentrate was born out of needing an extra push without the extra work. "Cold Brew seemed like the obvious answer, because we were already hooked on it," they say. "But, if we were buying it weekly, why not experiment with our own? Why not make one that requires even less work because it can even be enjoyed as is? Believe it when we say we’ve tried every brand. The coconut base is what makes our brew special."

They wanted something strong, rich, and on demand. A cup ready to go at all times that would make them forget about adding anything else but water or milk. They finally came up with the final brew and the brand followed. The SisterYard name was born after several brainstorming sessions, writing ideas on boards and even windows with an amazing team in Miami called "El Autobus" who helped them define their brand identity and values. "Before the cold brew, we used to host cooking classes in our backyard," say The Sisters. "We wanted for the brand to tell a story starting with its name."

Now the Correa Sisters are using clear labels to help brand their cold brew product, and you can see how the labels use a simple white text and design to highlight the coffee inside.