SpiceBAE is the spice you use Before Anything Else


SpiceBAE was the happy product of quarantine. When the need for easy, yet delicious, meals presented itself, Head SpiceBAE, Jonathan McKeeman created a spice for his friends and family.

The mission was to create one spice blend that could go on anything, from meats and produce to takeout and breakfast. "We're a baby brand that just started in November 2020," says Jonathan. "During quarantine I was with all my best friends who decided to do quarantine together in my friend's big house. We all camped out there for the lockdown, and I was cooking for them morning, noon, and night. It just kind of became this thing."

He says that SpiceBAE is the spice you use "Before Anything Else" because of its robust flavor profile. He's launched BagelBAE, with SpicyBAE ready to launch this summer. "I have, of course, pie in the sky dreams for SpiceBAE, but we're just getting off the ground," he says. "So far there's been lots of great reception from my consumers. People love the marketing and really love the story."


For June and Pride Month, Jonathan wanted to do something that was colorful and that made a statement to celebrate Pride, so he developed PrideBAE is a curated selection of sprinkles including jimmies, nonpareils, quines, dragees and coarse sugar. PrideBAE is as colorful and sweet as you, and you can add it to all your sweet treats during Pride Month and beyond. "I love Pride, obviously, but I didn't really do sprinkles, so I'm not trying to act like the expert on sprinkles. For me it's really about storytelling and the statement," he says. "I made a bunch of my friends cupcakes, cookies, and cakes, and we took photos, tested it and loved it."

They may be small, but he says they are mighty and they've got a message. It's the sprinkles for all of your life occasion kind of thing, and it doesn't have to be Pride. PrideBae is also more than just a colorful, sweet topping. "We are also giving 10% of the entire selling price will be donated to Prism Health North Texas, which is a group I've worked with for years," Jonathan says. "Their mission is to advance the health of North Texas through education, research, prevention, and personalized integrated HIV care. What they do means a lot to me, and I will do what I can to support them."


Jonathan has big plans for his brand, and he finds delight in how much these spices have helped his customers. "I love hearing stories from the folks who use SpiceBAE. I gave to some friends, because they were like 'I don't know how to cook, but I like to cook and you're making it look really easy'," he says. "'They're like you just saved my marriage, my husband thinks I can cook now, and I'm like, well, I don't think I have that power, but I appreciate it."

What started as a quarantine home cooking project has spiraled into a bottled product that's been well received, and now Jonathan is planning to do more. Connect with SpiceBAE on Instagram @SpiceBAEofficial, and add some spice to your own meals with their products.