The Startup Party


Now here's a novel thought: a new political movement focused on local, startup businesses. The Startup Party will have a presence at Denver Startup Week from September 12-16. They are going to be a part of Denver Startup Week, and they are tracking their stickers in the wild, which we love, of course. They have a goal of 50,000 members by 2020, and their current roster includes 300 members.

Their mission? Well, we'll let them talk.
With all the negativity around politics we believe it’s time to infuse the world with a little hope. We believe the flourishing startup movement is indicative of major economic change. It’s a move away from corporate, large, and impersonal and back to small, local, and personal.

They have a fun circle sticker that's modeled on campaign stickers using the red-white-and-blue, but in the shape of a bunny as opposed to an elephant or donkey--the traditional Republican/Democrat animal contest of most political stickers.

Follow along at their hashtag #TheStartupParty, check out this funny video for their platform (and more on their site), and scope some gear on the store page.