This Logo Sticker Brought To You By The Letter G for Grasslands Agency


Grasslands is a journalism-minded agency that primarily consults with clients in the emerging cannabis industry. Started in 2017 by CEO Ricardo Baca, the founding marijuana editor for the Denver Post's Cannabist website, Grasslands has a growing roster of cannabis businesses with offices in Denver and Los Angeles.

They consider themselves a full-service communications firm that offers public relations, content marketing, social media, thought leadership, newsletter campaigns and event execution. Their staff is holding events all over Denver, all year long, and their team is on-site at the industry's largest gatherings from coast to coast.

One way Grasslands uses stickers at their events is at the check-in table, so attendees can immediately put a sticker on their shirt next to a name tag to have some fun with the branding. People are also able to take the stickers on-the-go and represent the Grasslands brand. In the cannabis industry, marketing and advertising are a constant challenge, and as the competition heats up for both suppliers and marketers, standing out with a brand that means business is of paramount concern. With decades of experience on their team, Grasslands has already captured industry awards, with Baca being named the first-ever Marketer of the Year by AdCann in their 2018 awards lineup.

For their sticker design, they highlight the first letter of their name with a lowercase "g" in a serif font. Since they consider themselves wordsmiths first, choosing a purely type-driven design makes a lot of sense. The serif font also calls back to the print journalism days of Baca and others on the Grasslands team.

The top and bottom of the "g" also harken to a quote, which you might see in a news story and helps reinforce their mission as a journalism-minded agency that can help get their clients products and services into the news. For any PR agency, the success of the client helps drive the business, and a subtle nod in the sticker design helps drive that point home. This classy logo is printed on our die cut product with a matte laminated finish that gives the sticker a smooth-to-the-touch feel and satin look, with a crack and peel backing that makes it easy to apply for any fan.

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Stickers and labels for the marijuana industry

We serve businesses of all sizes and locations when it comes to cannabis and marijuana products. Our custom labels work well on display jars in dispensaries (see this story about Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique for how their business uses labels in a few places). Our custom stickers can be used for point-of-purchase distribution for customers or onsite for events when you have a table where you want to represent your brands. The marijuana industry continues to grow into its potential nationwide, and every business needs to get their message out.