This Pop Chart Lab Dream Team sticker sheet is a gold medal winner


If you follow our blog, you know that we print so many different shapes, sizes and designs of stickers. Pop Chart Lab in Brooklyn, New York, just printed up this creative, fun sticker sheets on our clear material featuring the heads of eight of the 1996 USA Men's Basketball Dream Team and a jersey from that gold medal winning squad.

Pop Chart Lab is a design and creative shop in New York City that creates beautiful visual graphic displays for all sorts of topics, whether it's the evolution of bicycles or the many different types of bird varieties. Or say you're a serious sneaker head, they've got a poster for you of the greatest sneakers in history.  You can get them in framed for wall decor. These pieces are all so unique, and they make for great gifts. You can find their work in select stores all around the country.

Here's all of the different collections of prints that they carry. You can really get lost in the intricacies and the information that these pieces of art contain, and that's a testament to the work their team puts into these products: Alcohol, Americana , Architecture, Beer, Coffee, Comics, Design, Fashion, Food, Gaming, Hip-Hop, Kids, Literary, Maps, Movies/TV, Music, Nature, NYC, Sports, Tech, Wine.

They even have a set of design for "Data Tots" with fun and colorful art for kids that's educational and inspiring.

We had a quick email Q&A with their team. Below is what followed, lightly edited.

SG: How do you use your stickers?

Pop Chart Lab: Starting with the stickers themselves-we mostly just use them as fun, free surprises to pack in with customer orders. We enjoy the idea of customers opening their package and finding an unexpected bonus inside.

Tell us about the Pop Chart Lab story?

Pop Chart Lab: As for the company itself, it started when our founders, Patrick and Ben, an editor and a designer working in publishing, were collaborating on a book of charts, and they realized no one was really creating charts about anything fun. So, in their spare time, they took it upon themselves to remedy this error, and came up with our original two prints: A Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names and The Very Many Varieties of Beer. While these are technically our two oldest charts, they're still two of the most popular, and really exemplify the philosophy of the company: Obsessive research and obsessive design about topics people obsess about.

Any interesting stories from the early days that you feel defined the beginning of your business?

Pop Chart Lab: Originally, Pop Chart Lab was meant to just be a fun side project for Patrick and Ben, but soon enough the prints ended up being featured on the Today Show right before Christmas. From there, orders blew up exponentially, and within a year or two, Pop Chart Lab became a fully fledged company that employs about two dozen people today.

So what makes a Pop Chart Lab print?

Pop Chart Lab: Well, it starts with meticulous research. Our team of researchers spends time—a lot of time—learning all there is to know about a given topic. We have an award-winning design team that transforms all of research into an eye-catching, informative work of (ch)art (as we like to call it). To finish, we use superior quality, environmentally friendly inks with museum-grade paper, and they we offset-press the final product in Brooklyn, New York.

Here's a picture from our website that shows where the magic happens.


Pop Chart Lab (Photo from Pop Chart Lab website)