This Sticker and Label Combo Puts in the Work for Training Lace Fitness Products


LaceUp Athletics was started by Tad Doyle and Jay Ciccarone, two childhood friends who grew up in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and then reconnected a few years ago when Jay’s son joined Rising Sons Lacrosse. They both have a passion for sports and fitness, and the result of their shared interests is this new patent-pending concept. By using both promotional stickers and product labels to promote their product, they've got an on-package piece of branding and an on-the-go offering of their logo for customers.

Like many of the entrepreneurial stories we feature on in our Sticker Stories, on our social and in our podcast, Tad and Jay come from diverse backgrounds, yet found a mutual passion that they turned into a business. Tad was a school teacher and coach, and owned a restoration business. He was a Division 1 athlete, and he followed his bliss by building from the ground up Rising Sons, one of America's premiere boys lacrosse clubs. The Rising Sons captured the U13 National Championship in 2015, which shows that hard work pays off. Jay has been building business for decades, whether it was a successful eBay store or working in corporate business development. Just add their common marketing and advertising savvy to their passion for sports, and you have Training Lace.

Training Lace can be worn comfortably on the body or used as added weight placed directly on sports equipment. It allows athletes and active people everywhere to step up their game by strengthening muscle, increasing shot speed, building resistance, and training the body to run faster, hit harder, and score more.

According to Tad and Jay, the secret to Training Lace's success is the specially-designed weighted core, which is enclosed in a foam sleeve, absorbing the vibration at the time of contact and ensuring that the Training Lace won’t move while in use. They've designed the product to be easy to use and easy to take on and off. Simply bend the flexible, durable Training Lace to conform to the size and shape of your wrist, ankle, or sports equipment.

Using Stickers and Labels for Your Fitness Brand

If you're running a gym, a personal training service or building fitness products, a custom sticker or label will help give you brand those few extra laps, working during the off hours when you can't. A sticker will travel with your clientele, and they'll help share stories about their experience with your service or product. We work with sports brands and fitness companies, and we help them get their logo sized and on the right product type for their needs. If you're looking for a sticker or label that matches your passion and intensity for what you do, try out one of our custom options and start telling your story today.