UNH Logo Stickers Connect Wildcats On Campus and Across the Country


The University of New Hampshire is a public research university in the Granite State. The school has been in existence since 1866, and has called Durham home since 1893. To help get out word for their school of 15,340, the Admissions team printed up a custom shaped logo sticker with the acronym UNH and the Wildcat mascot in their blue and grey color scheme.

"We send a thank you card to every student who visits campus thanking them for visiting campus for a tour and information session program," says Evan Beals, the Assistant Director of Admissions. "In that card, we include a sticker."

When their admissions staff is traveling and recruiting students, they provide stickers to students, high school counselors, parents, and any other folks interested in the Wildcats when they meet up out on the road.

Beals says he travels to Florida, Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania, and when he's out there, he makes sure to pass them out during his trips. The rest of the team brings stickers to their territories as well. This allows for a larger reach with a lasting impact, really getting the UNH brand out of New England and opening doors for students around the country.

Back to school time is in full swing all around the country, and our factory reflects that. We're seeing residence hall stickers, academic program stickers, sports team stickers and traditional logo stickers. It's always an exciting time for students, teacher, administrators and parents as the new year brings new opportunities for growth and connections. Stickers are just one way to help fortify a school's brand, whether it's an elementary school or a university. The glossy die cut sticker that UNH chose will have long-lasting durability, and they'll travel well on and off campus helping fans represent their Wildcat pride.

Here's wishing all Wildcats at UNH a great start to the fall term, and we hope to see those stickers on water bottles, laptops and tagged all over their personal and school social media accounts.