Lamora Design Updates River Bear American Meats Labels with A Clean, Vintage Look


Images from @riverbearamericanmeats Instagram

River Bear American Meats is a Denver-based company owned by Chef Justin Brunson that uses old world techniques to make new world fresh and cured meats. The matte label that they are using here on their Cooked Bratwurst was crafted by Lamora Design, a branding studio that's also in Denver.

We'll chat a little bit about each of these businesses that call the Mile High City home, because they have a sensibility that is distinctly Colorado, and then we'll wrap up with a little label talk.

Lamora Design is a branding & design studio led by Jorge Lamora. For over a decade, Jorge has been creating powerful brand experiences with a strict sense of craftsmanship and relentless attention-to-detail. He'll tell you his "first design project came as a teenager when he 're-designed' a portion of a job application to gain underage employment." It's that combination of work ethic paired with creative problem solving that is the driving force behind Lamora Design. Over the years, Jorge has honed his skills considerably, creating award-winning work for a wide range of clients. It's an impressive portfolio that includes national brands like Horizon Organic, Smashburger and Noodles and Company.

River Bear sources their meat from family farmers who raise their animals in a humane way. All their pork products are antibiotic-free, and all their products are hormone-free and made with no junk and no fillers. As they like to say: "Just the family farm-raised, hand-trimmed good stuff." Executive Chef Justin Brunson’s passion for quality ingredients and artfully designed cuisine stems from his agricultural roots earning him recognition as one of Denver’s most impressive and innovative chefs. Growing up in an Iowan farming family, Brunson learned the importance of carefully sourced ingredients and has taken his knowledge of the farming and agriculture industries into each of his concepts. Brunson’s family of restaurants that together make up Brunson & Co., highlight the best of heritage-raised meats, sustainable seafood and ingredients sourced from farms around Colorado.

But let's talk a little bit about Lamora's design for River Bear American Meats. They are both rectangular shapes of different orientation and tone, with the turkey breast label in a muted cream color and the bacon label in a grey tone. Both labels feature the required nutritional information, ingredients and directions in the typographic treatment, but it doesn't feel crowded due to the type choice, size and spacing. The brand mark for River Bear is a strong piece of design, with the red bear head instantly recognizable on a store shelf or in a cooler, and the Western-style font of the brand name really popping off the label due to the negative space around it. The tagline American Meats sits below the brand name in an all caps treatment to give it prominence without overshadowing the elements above.


Images from @riverbearamericanmeats Instagram

If you're in the Denver area, look for River Bear American Meats in stores using their Find Us tab. They are adding retailers and looking to offer online sales down the road. Chef Brunson's other concepts include Old Major, Masterpiece Deli, and Culture Meat & Cheese, which has a location at Denver International Airport and in the Rino District downtown.

Lamora Design enjoys collaborating with businesses that want to grow their brand, and they are ready to take on the next awesome design project.