Vann & Becky reward Kickstarter backers with custom sticker sheets


Vann & Becky have funded their first self-published children's book "Vann the Artist: Paints a Necklace," a story about a child artist, and a kiss cut sticker helps tell more of their story.

Their Kickstarter campaign has raised more than their goal, and now it's time for a custom sticker sheet to reward all of their fans. After all, they raised $5,058 pledged from a $4,750 goal, with 143 backers supporting their book printing and shipping costs. The main character, Vann, paints colorful beads, with animals on them, to make a necklace for her friend.

With a sticker sheet you get the option to include a few different designs, and this sheet has four fun animals that peel off, and the duo's logo along with some background elements that are part of the remaining sheet.

About Vann & Becky

Vann and Becky are sisters-in-law, and they are both creative people. Becky is the writer and Vann is the illustrator. Becky wanted to write a children's book while on maternity leave, and she found inspiration in her sister-in-law who is an artist with an online shop for her creations. Vann's signature piece is her hand-painted necklace, which is where the main character Vann takes her name and style.

As Becky started writing the story, she built out the rhymes and decided to incorporate education as well. Once the story was written, Vann helped flesh out the characters. Her talented artwork is displayed in quirky characters, bright colors, and an ability to bring the story to life.

The book is full of vibrant colors, and characters that are loaded with personality. The book also includes educational undertones (that all parents love) with emphasis on colors, animals and counting to the number 5. It features a rhyming storyline that keeps it fun and engaging.

Rewarding loyal fans

What better way to show your love for your fans than a custom sticker sheet, in this case a sheet of whimsical designs that are like those found in the book from Vann & Becky. When supporters back a Kickstarter campaign, they want what they've pledged, of course, but it's alway fun to go the extra mile and say thanks for the support. Whether it's a custom logo sticker or a sticker sheet.