Meet Tommy: Finishing Lead, Gamer and Heavy Metal Enthusiast


Get to know Tommy, another member of the StickerGiant Team.

Finishing Lead at StickerGiant

Tommy is the lead on all our finishing equipment, from getting the machines ready to run, the proper lamination in place and making sure your stickers and labels get cut and rolled just the way you want.

In his free time, it’s all about video games and heavy metal.

Hey Tommy!

My name is Tommy, and this is my sticker story.

I'm the laser lead operator, so I pretty much will organize rolls, see who get them first, tell about all the work, and then, if there's any issues I'm dealing with them.

Ever since I was a young kid, my dad's worked with computers, so I've been building computers from the ground up as long as I can remember.

What's Your Story?

I'm from New York, but I've lived here for around 23 years. I play a lot of video games, do a lot of skateboarding. Maybe some Frisbee golf here and there, computer work that's about it.

What's Your Favorite Part About StickerGiant?

I like working here because of the people, mainly because I get along with everyone, everyone's super cool to each other, most of time the machinery I like a lot, because I've never really worked with lasers before, and I think it's a really cool application we're using it for.

What Else?

My favorite types of music are death metal, brutal death metal, technical death metal, pretty much the broad spectrum of it all there's a few different subgenres that I'm not gonna get into.

More folks behind the stickers

At StickerGiant, employees like Tommy are encouraged to take part in the Open Book Finance project, and we've been running this program for seven years now. There is a special way that we play the Great Game of Business, and our team contributes to Open Book by sharing the numbers and working every week to better understand how to grow the business. Since Tommy runs the finishing machines, he's a important step in getting the stickers produced and out the door for our customers.

We view each role as vital pieces of our team, and it's always great to see the team delight customers. We hope you enjoy Tommy's sticker story and the many more on our blog. Check them out under the Employee Feature category.