What's the Difference Between a Laptop Sticker and Bumper Sticker?


When it comes to classic uses for stickers, there's the bumper sticker and the laptop sticker. Both of these familiar locations hold an amazing opportunity for brand awareness and customer loyalty.

The differences and similarities between bumper sticker and laptop stickers are subtle, yet distinct. We'll try to explain some of ways that these sticker uses complement one another while building a brand promotional strategy.

Let's take an outdoor industry or travel brand, for example. This company might want to have a smaller design of their logo for laptops or water bottles, while also adding in a larger format design for a cooler or a truck bumper. Both of these require durability, but of a slightly different nature. A bumper sticker needs to be outdoor durable, and the laptop sticker needs to be long-lasting for lots of in-and-out of backpacks.

Designing a Laptop or Bumper Sticker

So you're ready to create a promotional sticker for your brand, and now you have to start designing the sticker itself. First, you'll start with the size. A bumper sticker is going to be much bigger than a laptop sticker, so keep that in mind.

On our Templates page, you can find Bumper Sticker templates in three sizes: 9.25 x 2.5 inches, 10 x 2.5 inches and 11.5 x 3.0 inches. That's a pretty big piece of sticky real estate for your design, so you'll have to have big, bold text that someone can read from ten feet away at a stop sign or on a cooler across a field. This is a chance to make a serious impression at a glance.

Stick to a few simple colors that complement one another, and make sure to get your logo in a prominent place in the design. Another classic shape for a bumper or car sticker is the oval shaped sticker, which we highlighted in our Top Ten Stickers of All Time due to the popularity in American tourist destinations and European countries.

For a laptop sticker, you'll want to go smaller, think a 3x3 inch circle or a 4x3 inch rectangle. Since it's on a laptop and someone might be closer to the design itself, you can have smaller text, and you can include a fun phrase or your branding along with a website address or a social handle. You can pick between matte and glossy finish for this kind of sticker, but the matte is a nice touch because of how it feels against the metal or plastic of a laptop or tablet case.

How They Did It: Customer Stories

Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin demonstrates the ideal use for a bumper sticker that adds promotional value. This image above features a glossy finish kiss cut sticker, which means you get that extra white backing around the sticker itself. This type of finish allows for easy stacking and simple peeling for your fans. What's a kiss cut sticker, you ask? You can learn more about how this product is different from our die cut stickers.


Fayettechill creates what they call "Goods for the Woods that are Good for the Woods." This clothing and lifestyle brand started in 2009 as an effort to showcase their home in the Ozark Mountains and bring their love of the outdoors to the nation. The die cut matte stickers that they've printed up showcase a variety of designs with tons of different branding. Basecamp, their flagship store, is located in the heart of Fayetteville’s entertainment district. It's an evolving hub that connects passionate and active individuals. And that's where Fayettechill gets their brand concept: combine "Fayetteville" with "Chill," mix with the Great Outdoors and it's scientifically proven calming effects and you've got Fayettechill, a lifestyle brand that's hitting the mark with customers all over the United States.


These are just a few examples of how to start designing a laptop or bumper sticker. We have many other examples here on the blog for you to check out, so start scrolling and then let your creativity take you away.