Stickers in Education: Connecting Classrooms, School Groups, Clubs and Sports


It's that time of year again: Back to school is here, and that means opportunities to create community and instill pride for your school, classroom, club, or sports team.

There are variety of ways that custom stickers can be used for a school or educational institution. With options like die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers and clear stickers, schools can create branded impressions that last a long time through a sticker.

In many backpacks you'll find notebooks, journals, folder, portfolios, laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets. Each of those devices or paper goods needs some fun identity of their own, while instilling a sense of pride in the institution where one works, takes class, visits or cheers.

There are the doors and windows in each building that could use a sticker as an identifying mark.

There are the coolers, cruisers, bumpers and storage bins that deserve your brand in a sticker.


Custom Stickers in Higher Education

College campuses have sports teams, clubs, departments, schools and colleges, and each of those organizations need branding and identity. Often, a school represents a town, or the entire state as a whole. These educational brands all create value and affiliation in their identity and promotion.

You might be a college of business that needs stickers for each department to distribute to your students. Or you might need to create a promotional sticker for an event in the performing arts department. You might be a student who is starting your first design project and you want to share your ideas with a custom sticker. As someone in marketing for an institution of higher learning, you want to have the value of your brand reflected in a quality product that your alumni, fans, faculty and students will want to stick all over to show their pride in what their school means to them.


Custom Stickers in High Schools

High school is a unique four-year period for any student, especially students involved in a group like student council, clubs and sports. There is also the local community around the school that supports the theater performances, the school board, the sporting events and other ways that high schools bring the community onto their campuses. Custom stickers for high school sports can be used for sale at merchandise counters during events, or they can be used as giveaways for families so they can promote the school.


Custom Stickers in Elementary Schools

When it comes to the K-8 educational setting, stickers can do so many things for students, teachers, parents and communities.

There are custom stickers for fundraisers, or custom stickers for the parent teacher association. You might want to have special grade level stickers that help build camaraderie between students as they progress through elementary schools. Teachers can use stickers to highlight exemplary work and recognize student achievement. Students can design logos for their clubs and events to promote what is going on their school.

If you're doing a custom shaped mascot sticker for your school sport team, you can choose between a die cut sticker and kiss cut sticker.

If you want a window sticker for your office doors in the science department, you can use a clear sticker that incorporates the departmental branding along with the school colors.

Say you're trying to drum up interest in the annual jogathon, try a kiss cut sticker that stacks easily on the event table during the day of the run.

Depending on how you want the sticker to feel, you can try a glossy treatment that has some shine or a matte sticker that has a satin-like finish. Either way, your school colors will shine with our full color printing and custom sticker production process. You can choose the size and quantity you want, and when you order more items, you will receive a multiple item discount. This way, you can get more stickers in the hands of more raving fans.