WordCamp Auckland 2017


We are heading way down under to New Zealand's most-populous city this weekend for WordCamp Auckland 2017 where a (really cool!) sponsored kiss cut sticker sheet will be greeting some Kiwi WordCampers. The event is branded with a cyan and navy colors and a nautical theme, and you see this theming all over their site on the sheet.

We have to say, WordCamp Auckland really brought it with a six peel sticker sheet that includes two Wapuu tear offs, a couple WordPress logos, the WordPress mantra "Code is Poetry," a custom event logo and (our favorite, natch) a StickerGiant fireball peel. Very nice of them to add us on their sticker sheet, and we want to give big ups to the team for the creativity and the inclusion. We sponsor events like WordCamps every weekend, and it's nice to get some love from the organizers.

Wapuu is super localized in this sheet, which is rad. Get this, he is hugging a Kiwifruit (the native fruit), sporting a Maori tattoo on his left shoulder, holding got a skewer of a delicious local sausage (they make some good sausages down there), plus he's wearing a hei matau necklace that symbolizes the fish hook in Maori culture and a hat that looks like a kiwi bird. Very fun local tie-ins, and then there's a bluescale version as well--nice touch. Hat tip to the intricacy of this layout in a small space.

You can connect with WordCamp Auckland on Facebook and Twitter, and follow the event hashtag #WCAKL2017.