WordCamp Bangkok 2017


We are so very pleased to be in the Thailand this weekend for the third-ever WordCamp in the Land of Smiles.

WordCamp Bangkok has a classic sticker sheet with a Wapuu on it as the main element. There are also peel-offs for Bangkok's historic Grand Temple temple (or Wat in local parlance), WordPress logos and the Code is Poetry slogan that defines all WordCamps. Wapuu is wearing traditional Thai clothing and he's carrying a banana stalk. Bananas have a special role in Thai culture, with the leaves and stalks used in ceremonial activities and everyday life.

They gave us a nice shoutout on their blog, and we sure do love returning the favor. They have a sticker with their hashtag #WCBKK where you can follow along as the weekend unfolds.

WCBKK WordPress Workshops for Children

In conjunction with WordCamp Bangkok 2017 and with the kind hospitality of Web Courses Bangkok, there will be working with a few international volunteers to run free WordPress workshops for students on Sunday, February 19th after the conference.

The goal of the workshops is to introduce WordPress to a younger audience and to show different aspects of the software to kids who are interested in writing or developing with it.



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  2. How do you make merchandise for my own YouTube channel

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