WordCamp Torino 2017 Sticker Sheet


With WordCamp sticker sheets, we often get to print creative and locally themed artwork. The organizing teams for these events really have fun with the sticker real estate on a sticker sheet by throwing in a couple Wapuu peels and original WordPress logos for their event goers. We really love the spires of the Turin Cathedral (or Duomo to locals) that adorn two of the stickers. With a total of six stickers in a 4x6-inch space, this sticker sheet has a lot to peel and stick for these WordCamps participants.

Follow the trend #WCTRN by hopping on the WordCamp Turino Twitter feed. It will be active before the weekend, with Contributor Day will take place the day before, where everyone can participate in the growth and development of the WordPress platform.

Big shoutout to the organizers for all their work behind the scenes, getting ready for the big weekend, and because these events are all about location, a massive StickerGiant appreciation to venue host Toolbox Coworking has offered up two former industrial buildings that they have adapted to provided co working areas that are comfortable and equipped for a WordCamp Torino 2017 take over. The rest of the year, Toolbox Coworking supports the entire Turin entrepreneur community. It's the dedicated volunteers and generous businesses that help make WordCamps a success, and as always we are proud to be a part of the community that helps power nearly 40% of the modern web.

If you would like to learn more about in-kind sticker sponsorship from StickerGiant, head over to our sponsorships page to learn more.