Worthwhile Paper Circle Stickers Help Remind Us We are Floating in Space...And That's Pretty Miraculous


Worthwhile Paper is a collection of lively screen printed paper goods for lovers of nature, magic and meaningful design. The designs are thoughtfully handmade by Kristen Drozdowski in her Ypsilanti, Michigan, studio and screen printed by her husband Steve. This business is a true designer & printer love story. Each of their items start with original hand lettering and illustrations that are then printed using earth-friendly recycled papers and water based inks.

Featuring a unique blend of nature and minimalism, their designs are created with a goal to bring positivity and beauty into the world. In every piece of their work customers will find some combination of simple shapes, bold patterns, gentle symbolism, inspiration from nature, and messages about inner wisdom, healing and love. Kristen's passion is making things that cultivate meaningful connections - whether that is a personal reconnection to nature or oneself, or a connection between people.

They want everyone to decorate the world with stickers, and the Universe Die Cut Sticker for sale on their website is a message of humility and awe for the simple fact that this Blue Marble we call home is floating in space. As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of America's Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon, it's worth stopping for a moment to savor the view of the universe and our cosmically small nature within the galaxy.

This 4x4" circle sticker is a outdoor durable, matte vinyl sticker on one of our classic die cut shapes. The deep black background really mimics outer space, and there are planets, stars, creatures and more to discover. The typography is the primary design element, as it wraps the space graphics with the slogan "Reminder: We are Floating in Space & That's Pretty Miraculous." On the very bottom of the sticker is the @WorthwhilePaper social media handle for a subtle branding touch that helps drive traffic to their online presence to boost engagement. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest under that username. You can also check out their blog to see what's happening in their world.

When it comes to having an online store, it's great to have a mix of products that customers will love, and this Universe sticker is both creative and inspirational. It's actually...out of this world.