Meet Reece Our Pre-Flight Supervisor


Reece has been with Team StickerGiant for some time, but our last blog post about him was in 2012. A lot has changed here at StickerGiant, and Reece has been a big part of our growth and success, so it's time to update his story.

Hello, Reece! Tell Us Your Sticker Story!

My Name is Reece, and this is my sticker story. I was born in Boulder, and my family was from Texas and they moved up here. My mom met my dad, and they lived in Boulder. I went to Monarch High School. I ended up doing a bunch of really cool comic book recreations, and that's how I got into the whole design area. I would just scan in comic books and then redraw them. When the time came that my dad got a job here at StickerGiant, they needed some reinforcements so they had me try out and everything worked out, and I've been here ever since.

What Do You Do At StickerGiant?

So I am a graphic production artist. We do the artwork at StickerGiant. So it comes in through the website, and we prep it and it looks awesome. Tomorrow, I've been here ten years.

What Are Your Hobbies?

I really like hiking. I've been doing that a lot lately. I also love drawing and playing music. I am in two metal bands, so I tour around and play shows. I love doing that. I love having an audience, it's really cool.

What Is Your Secret Power?

I'd say my secret power is E.S.P. Extra Sensory Perception.

What Is Your Favorite Movie?

I would say my favorite movie is Twelve Monkeys. I just recently watched it last weekend and it completely blew my mind.

What Are Your Favorite Memories At StickerGiant?

When our pressman Todd ate a horrible spider out back. It almost made me throw up, but it was really funny. I filmed it. I should probably find the video.

What Else?

I am just really excited for the future of StickerGiant. We've got so many things moving right now, we've got a bunch of cool innovation with art, specifically, that I am unbelievably stoked about. I just can't wait to see the next chapter because we're just growing so fast.

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