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Picture of Angie Chua from Bobo Design Studio in an office storage roomPicture of Angie Chua from Bobo Design Studio in an office storage room

Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini Started Casita Michi Candles To Celebrate Latinx Culture

Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini launched a second small business in the Fall of 2020 called Casita Michi, a California-based brand that celebrates Latinx heritage and culture through artisan goods. Michelle is a self-taught artisan and one of the first Latinx candle makers to have her products featured at Macy's. 

Her mission is to inspire, empower, and motivate her community to be seen through her artisan goods, because representation matters. Her velas (candles) are made of vegan coconut wax and they are imbued with her Latinx heritage through various scents that conjure her upbringing with each light of the wick. 

View her full sticker story on YouTube, or find it on your favorite podcast platform.

Michelle orders Matte Labels to give her vibrant designs a soft, trendy sheen. Our Matte Labels are oil and water resistant with a satin-smooth, glare-free finish. 

Picture of Cidney Moorer from Herbal Ciddy holding up a jar of her product with a StickerGiant printed label applied to itPicture of Cidney Moorer from Herbal Ciddy holding up a jar of her product with a StickerGiant printed label applied to it

Nithin and Susan From R Is For Rice Talk Representation in Children's Literature and Self-Publishing

Nithin and Susan are two of the co-founders of JKL Teahouse, publishers of "R Is For Rice." They joined the show to talk about Asian American representation in children's literature and starting a self-publishing brand. 

As Asian Americans growing up in the U.S., they rarely saw themselves reflected in popular books and media. They created their first book, R is for Rice, to celebrate Asian cultures infused in daily American life. Their goal is to take readers on a journey through the alphabet with the ABC’s of Asian American foods. At JKL Teahouse, they are proud of their multiple Asian heritages, and they are proud to be Americans. Their mission is to inspire a broader definition of “American” by offering products that reflect Asian Americans and the impact of Asian communities on American life. 

Listen in to learn more about how they are working to create a more inclusive world through kids books. Available anywhere you podcast.

“R is for Rice” levels up stroytime with companion Sticker Sheets to boost creativity and create a unique reading experience. Sticker Sheets are sticker pages with several custom, peelable stickers. They are a fun, economical way to showcase multiple designs on one sheet.  

Picture of Rasheeda McCallum from Black Chef Movement with a kitchen in the backgroundPicture of Rasheeda McCallum from Black Chef Movement with a kitchen in the background

Marisa From The Neon Tea Party Talks About Unlocking Creativity Through Crafting

Marisa Morrison is the color-loving, creativity-obsessed founder of The Neon Tea Party (TNTP). For as long as she remembers, she's made things: a “fashion line” at age 8, crystal bracelets at age 11, themed parties at age 14, a university magazine at age 19, and a lifestyle blog at 27. Now, in her 30s, Marisa aims to inspire others to tap into their own creativity by offering DIY tutorials, in-person workshops, virtual classes and more.

Marisa spoke about how The Neon Tea Party is on a mission to empower people to celebrate their creativity through colorful, playful crafts. TNTP provides fun DIY tutorials, craft supplies, virtual classes, and even a virtual craft camp to help people make joyful items for themselves, their loved ones, and their surroundings.

Watch Marisa’s sticker story on YouTube, or tune in anywhere you get your podcasts.

Marisa orders Matte Die Cut Stickers for her iconic and relatable “Crafting is Cool” design. She uses them as freebie stickers for her customers and applies them to the exterior of order boxes and packaging for extra branding. Whether you need a logo sticker or a fun design printed, our Die Cut Stickers are outdoor durable, waterproof, and printed in full-color. 

Angie Chua Shares How She Developed Bobo Design Studios And How Travel Is Her Passion

Angie Chua is a designer and entrepreneur who truly lives the travel life from her Airstream that doubles as Bobo Design Studios. Her business centers on The Wanderlust Passport, a custom journal that helps document the serendipity and discovery that happens during an adventure. She also has beautiful prints, calendars, stationery, and of course, stickers of all shapes and kinds. 

Listen in as she shares her creative process and where she gains inspiration, plus how she's turned a passion for travel into a business. When she isn't in the studio, she can be found lounging at home in her 1975 restored Airstream, or hitting the road with her husband and two wiener dogs in their smaller retro trailer dubbed "The WIENERbago. Spoiler alert: she opened her own stationery store! 

Watch the full episode on YouTube, or tune in anywhere you get your podcasts.

Angie’s Glow Up sticker design is the perfect example of a Clear Sticker. Choose parts of your design to be entirely clear or choose elements of your design to be transparent.

She also orders Die Cut Stickers to show off her spunky designs and offer additional products in her stationery store. 

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