Art Can Change the World Stickers From Denik Help Promote Their Mission To Inspire Creativity and Opportunity


Denik is a brand that sells creative, cause-based notebooks, and they believe that art can change the world.

They believe so passionately in that mission that they built a company around that ethos, and they went so far as to print up a custom shaped sticker to promote this goal. These bright, typed-inspired stickers go in every order that Denik ships so their customers can help spread the message far and wide.

But how does Denik go about changing the world, you ask? Well, a portion of each sale goes to education projects around the world. The Denik Schools program has contributed to efforts in Mali, Laos, Guatemala, and Ghana.

As part of their orders, they include this sticker, which is a great bonus that helps turn new customers into brand ambassadors. This sticker is a retro-style sans serif typography treatment with a bold all-caps type treatment that is repeated in the letters that form the statement ART CAN CHANGE THE WORLD using a yellow-to-orange-to-pink-to-blue color transition. It's instantly memorable and immediately inspirational. There's a small brand treatment at the bottom left where you can find their website and their social handle @shopdenik so you can find them Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It's always a good idea to have a social handle that's consistent across all platforms, and we'll testify to that with the @StickerGiant brand. This way, there's no confusion for your fans as they seek out your social presence and tag your account.

Denik started back in 2011 with two Utah State University students who started gathering artists and designing and binding notebooks. From the beginning, the Denik movement focused on building schools and supporting artists, and a portion of each sale goes to those two goals. Check out their notebooks, pocket books, sketchbooks and planners on their shop. There is some great artwork and their artist collaborations are a unique way to express yourself and your creativity as you jot down your own ideas and work toward creating change in the world. The folks at Denik will support you and your dreams, just like they support the hopes and dreams of artists and students everywhere.


  1. Thanks a ton for the write up! We appreciate it, and we LOVE our stickers!

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