Kerley's Fitness Stickers Keep Their Brand Mobile and Strong With a Rectangle Shape


Kerley's Fitness is a boutique-style gym in Fort Collins that seeks to reconnect people with their bodies through a focus on strength, movement, and conditioning. To keep their brand strong and mobile when it's out in the world, they are using a rectangular shaped custom sticker that features a matte lamination.

Kerley's was opened by Justin and Jenny Kerley of Fort Collins. Justin has spent thirteen years as a personal trainer, and he has a perspective on fitness and wellness steeped in a lifetime of athletic commitment that he applies to help others reach their goals. Jenny has a degree in sports medicine and has worked within the personal training, and athletic training sectors.

The gym itself is a bright, airy space that's stocked with the fun toys a customer would want in a gym, and the open floor plan allows clients and members to create workouts and fitness sessions that are customized to their needs. They've also built the place to have showers just in case clients or members need to get freshened up after their workouts and before the next meeting. For the team at Kerley's Fitness, the overarching theme is to "teach humans how to move and act like humans again."

These custom stickers give their customers a chance to advertise that mission on the move, as they help promote for their favorite gym.