Beach Goff Is A Shore Thing Anywhere There's Sand


Patrick and Carey Schwerin started Beach Goff in the late summer of 2020. Yet another of a growing list of entrepreneurs that found a creative outlet during the pandemic.

As residents of Beaufort, South Carolina—with access to some of the best beaches in the world—the couple came to this invention naturally, as they have seven kids who needed to be entertained while at the beach.

"Anytime we would go to the beach, we had to have something to entertain our kids," says Patrick. "So we would pick up a ball and try to make a game of it."

"One day we started with some golf balls," says Carey. "We said let's make a hole and let's make this a little more serious.

They cut it out, put it in the sand and started playing. From there it evolved to the point where they realized they wanted to market the brand and create a product.

Along the way they realized that it was "very hard to patent or trademark the name 'Beach Golf'," says Carey, so they chose Beach Goff as the name because it was close enough and just unique enough to make someone do a double take and remember the brand.

Patrick is a teacher and handles the graphic design, so he came up with the logo. Carey handles the operations and logistics. The holes themselves are handmade, and the family hand-labels the final product so they get that branding element. They chose a clear sticker because of the durability and UV laminate, and the ability to apply directly to their final product. The green "O" in the logo is a key piece of branding, as it represents the "Money Ball," which as you'll see below is a key component of this game.

The game is rather simple, almost a cross between golf and corn hole, but with a few twists that are unique to Beach Goff. You can play in teams or individually. There are balls per team and teammates play from opposite holes. The green ball is the Money Ball, and the team with the Money Ball goes first and then alternates back and forth and through each player. Each player takes turns tossing their ball towards the opposite ring. You get 1 point for each ball that goes in the ring. 2 points if the Money Ball lands in the ring. In most cases, the first team to 5 wins. But as Patrick says, "sometimes, depending on the conditions, it's a game to one." The Pro Tip from the creators is to play on firm sand, but of course bumps and shells make for more fun.


The game set includes two rings, seven balls, instructions & reusable mesh storage bag. You can get the set online or at two locations in their area, Scout Southern Market in Beaufort and Gigi's Boutique in Richmond Hill, Georgia. The family has big plans for their brand, including getting their seven kids more involved in the business.