Glow in the Dark Concept Studio Sticker Sheets Celebrate Their Newest Title "Detectives!"

Glow in the Dark Concept Studio is an independent IP studio based in sunny Burbank, California. At first, the studio served as a home for the stories that founder Katia Grifols loved. Now it's become a creative hub stocked with a dedicated team that crafts tales across platforms, from animated concepts and games to books and comics.

The sticker sheet seen above is a complimentary piece of creative to their latest release Detectives!: The Mystery of the Missing Kitty, a story about how Detectives Tania and Troy (her trusty dog) help Mrs. Neighbor find her little Kitty. Along with comic-book flair and humor, the Detectives! books feature interactivity through different fonts for each character that make for a fun read-aloud session with friends and family.

A key narrative device in these stories is that Detective Tania draws readers in and asks them questions as they investigate, while also encouraging them to discover the fantasy behind everyday mysteries, whether it be pesky faeries, trolls, or blanket-stealing goblins.  There's some fun extras, like the sticker sheets and case file pages ready to record vital case notes and important clues.

Custom Sticker Sheets for Book Projects

When looking for ways to get the word out on a new project, it's important to have creative pieces of promotion, and Glow in the Dark was ready for this most recent release. "When we launched Detectives! we wanted to help to promote and get people excited about the book," says Katia. "When people buy the book, we send them the stickers as a special thank you."

The sticker sheet itself features nine peel-offs, with plenty of Troy the dog detective stickers along with the main characters and other fun parts of the story. This particular sticker sheet is on a kiss cut sticker, where the backing is slightly larger than the design. This makes them easy to stack, to store and to send in the mail.

"When I was a kid I always liked to write, and I always liked to read a lot," says Katia. "I have so many stories to tell and it's kind of a way to give back to the next generation. It's not really a job anymore. It's just fun."

For Katia, this new book is just the latest in a lifetime of storytelling and creativity, and custom sticker sheets are on the case to engage readers and to share the Glow in the Dark story with the world.