Celebrate the Holiday Season With Custom Sticker Sheets


It's the most wonderful time of the year once again, and the custom stickers are flowing through the sticker factory as small business all over North America prepare for the holiday season. Themed stickers are a great way to share holiday cheer, and we'll talk a little bit about how custom sticker sheets can add that little bit of magic into your business.

In the photo above, you can see this holiday styled sticker sheet from Cedar Bones Studio up in Edmonton, Canada. There are eleven different peel offs on this matte finish sticker sheet, with various phrases and whimsical designs that truly make you feel Merry and Bright at this time of year.

Using Sticker Sheets as Gift Labels


The two sticker sheets in the photo above work as ideal gifts themselves, but also as part of a gifting experience. The green sticker sheet on the left is designed as To/From gift labels, and since it's printed on our matte product, you can write on the labels with a permanent marker. There are five labels and four smaller peel offs that can be used for sealing gift paper or close a gift bag. It's a solid piece of design that is useful for the person doing the gifting, while the person on the receiving end has a moment of delight as well. The red sticker sheet on the right is chock full of holiday designs, with fourteen individual stickers that could be used for gift wrapping, on the annual holiday letter or even as a gift itself for that special someone who loves the season of giving.


On the two sticker sheets above, we see even more holiday designs. The black glossy finish sticker sheet on the left is the perfect way to write a letter to Santa, with eight different peel offs to share the cheer. For the sheet on the right, there are nine different designs that help promote this businesses service during the holidays, with just the right amount of branding tied into the layout of the sheet.

As you can see with all of these sticker sheets, the creative possibilities are endless. Sticker sheets are are a smart, economical way to showcase multiple designs on one sheet! From fun designs to custom QR codes and more, custom Sticker Sheets are always a-peel-ing.