Make a Memorable Unboxing Experience Using Promotional Stickers and Custom Labels

With the holiday season in full swing for brick-and-mortar small business owners and eCommerce entrepreneurs, the need to build a memorable unboxing experience is real. Shipping and fulfillment is crucial piece of your marketing mix, and it's a chance to create a connection with your customer.

The way a product is packaged and boxed can often mean the difference between a happy customer that gushes over their order on social media and an angry customer that gives a one-star review. There are a few ways to level up your unboxing game with promotional stickers and custom product labels.

Let's spend some time with your box, as we start from the outside in: with what goes onto the box that you're sending into the world.

Brand Your Box with Matte Labels

When a newly wrapped box leaves your shipping station, it has the potential to be a portable billboard for your brand. One way to make the box stand out on a shipping truck by the time it get to your customer's doorstep is to use a matte label to give it a little bit of branding. Imagine your customer coming home from work, and they see your box on their stoop. Maybe you're a subscription box business or perhaps you're slinging hot sauce; either way, you have an opportunity to create a moment of delight at the stage in the unboxing process. Once your customer sees that awaiting package plastered with your logo, they'll start getting excited to tear into the box.

Paper Labels Seal Your Packages With Extra Flair and Easy Opening

You've primed the customer with a great shipping experience and an attractive box, and now they are ready to unbox their order. Now those delight moments start hitting like dopamine to the prefrontal cortex, but you have to create the experience and make it easy.

One pain point in the unboxing experience is the tape used to seal the box. The impetus is to tear right into the corrugated cardboard, but it's sealed with a sturdy reinforced adhesive. To combat that barrier, try out a glossy paper label that is easy to tear and will feature your custom designs.

Let's move from the outside of the box to what goes into it.

Wrap Your Products in Custom Labels

Let's say you have a product that needs a label. When it comes to wrapping a jar of hot sauce or a candle, you have to take into consideration the size of the surface you're covering and how much information you need to convey. Depending on the industry you're in, you may have some mandate verbiage that needs to be included, from the type of ingredients to any product warnings. You can customize the shape and the design of the label, so your brand is represented exactly the way you want. No matter what you're applying a label to, think about the curve of the surface and how prominent you want the label to be the bottle or jar. You can also use a label to seal packing materials inside of the box, like tissue paper or bags.

We have five different label types for your bottles, cookies, candles, plants or whatever you're selling.

You can use glossy labels if you want some shine on your product, or you can try a matte label for a smooth finish that features less shine. Other options include clear labels when you want to see what's behind the label,  glossy paper labels if you have food items, and lastly matte recycled paper labels if you want a sustainably sourced material complements your eco-friendly offerings.

Reward Your Customers with Custom Shaped Die Cut Stickers

Once you've got your box dressing and product labeling squared away, it's time to finish packing up your order. This is where you can create that final connection with your customer and provide them with a moment of delight: a custom die cut logo sticker. When you give your customers a custom sticker, it turns into a traveling advertisement for your business. A custom sticker can go anywhere, and you'll be delighted as a business owner when happy customers tag you in their posts with their order.

When you put in the attention to detail and concern for your customers with delight moments, they reward you with return business and engagement with your brand. Start crafting your unboxing experience today with custom stickers and labels.

We're passionate about this step in a customer's journey. So passionate in fact that we featured moments of delight as our very first podcast episode. Listen in to hear more about how StickerGiant creates loyal fans out of first-time customers.

We'd also love to see what your unboxing experience looks like when you receive your stickers and labels. Head over to our Show Us Your Stickers page to share with us, and you can check out how our customers share their unboxing stories.