Celebrating The Fourth National Sticker Day!


January 13th is National Sticker Day, and it's our favorite day to celebrate. Every year we've had a lot of fun with National Sticker Day, so let's take a quick trip down memory lane with a few highlights.

In 2016, we pulled out all of the stops for the first-ever day by building Saul, the World's Largest Sticker Ball, which lead to our Guinness Book of World Records award in 2017 was published in their 2018 edition.

Back in the day, we documented the process with a video about the making of Saul, and then we filmed the weigh-in on the first National Sticker Day at Wibby Brewing as part of the Guinness approval process. One of our favorite days during the building process was Snow Bowling with Saul, a fun trip with the still-growing ball. in 2016, the day before that first National Sticker Day, we took Saul down to Denver to shoot some spots on local television and then walk around downtown. We hit up the State Capitol where Saul encouraged our state politicians to Sticker Together ahead of the 2016 General Election, and he was quite popular as we walked down the 16th Street Mall, where people recognized him from the television interviews earlier in the day.

In 2018, we featured National Sticker Day in an episode of our podcast when we invited Jesse, our marketing director and creator of National Sticker Day, to talk all about that process. It's worth a listen if you want the whole behind-the-scenes story of how the day and the ball came to be. We also hosted a fun party with our friends at Wibby to Make Saul Bigger Again, which was a great success and Saul did gain weight.

Today Saul weighs 320 pounds, nearly a hundred pounds over the original World Record weight. We look forward to seeing him continue to grow as people visit him during factory tours and when he goes out on the town for events.

This year for National Sticker Day on January 13th we are encouraging our fans to share their creative sticker stories using the hashtags #NationalStickerDay #ExpressYourself and #StickerGiant on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We can't wait to join in the fun on our favorite day of the year!