Montague Workshop Thought Bubble Custom Stickers Remind Us We're All Human Beings Who Want to Be Loved


Montague Workshop brings us this positive message with their "I'm Just a Human Being Who Wants to Be Loved" thought bubble sticker.

Together Brad and Kristi Montague are the owners of Montague Workshop, a creative studio that's on a mission to create stories that cultivate empathy and imagination in kids and former kids. They are the team behind massive internet sensations like "Kid President" and "Socktober." The story behind the "Human Being" sticker is an inspirational one, yet it's a simple tale found in an everyday online interaction.

Brad writes it up best on their site in his "Dear Human Family" post. He was online late one night, and he was called out by an internet troll, who he then decided to follow up with and have a real, human conversation. This is a rare thing in the day and age of people talking to each other online and never really interacting.  Brad and this individual continued the conversation and made the connection with one another, and that's when Brad realized something: "We’re just human beings who want to be loved."

That thought bubble of Brad's has entered the world as a custom sticker to remind everyone that each of us is out there wanting love. You'll find the sticker sheet in their Box of Joy product that has pins, a shirt and notebooks in it, and a whole sticker sheet of these motivational stickers. You can also get individual stickers on their shop, and they come with a letter from Brad himself. We love some of the ideas they have for where to stick these stickers: "Put them on your TV so that it appears every person who pops up on the news is saying this instead. Put them on your mirror. Put them on a friend's mirror or on your friend."

In their work, they "strive to joyfully rebel against the way things are and attempt to create the world as it should be." With a message like this one, Montague Workshop is sure to reach a big audience, and considering their success as a creative studio, it would come as no surprise. Here's to filling the world with more love and empathy.