Colorado Backyard Stickers Take Flight to Send Message For New Butterfly Pavilion Exhibit


At Butterfly Pavilion, they transform the way people think about invertebrates. These small but mighty animals that surround us are so much more than people think. Invertebrates are everywhere, because everything depends on them. They are the hidden heroes of the animal kingdom, and the team at Butterfly Pavilion believes that we all stand on the backs of these tiny giants.

To help get out the word for their new Colorado Backyard exhibit there's a smartly designed, custom shaped promotional sticker that uses the mountains of the Centennial State for the background with the exhibit name as the foreground. There's a magnifying glass and a dragonfly to help bring home the theme. We picked up these stickers at an Earth Day event at the Longmont Museum, and we were happy to help share their story. It was a real-world example of stickers working as a marketing tool, with hundreds of attendees taking home this piece of portable branding.
"Butterfly Pavilion's newest interactive exhibit connects guests to the rich and diverse life that surrounds us, and inspires a greater commitment to conserve all of our natural treasures in Colorado and beyond."

Butterfly Pavilion is the first stand-alone, Association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited non-profit invertebrate zoo in the world and a leader in invertebrate knowledge, inspiration and connection.

They are leading the way in ensuring invertebrates are protected for the future by offering hands-on learning experiences in exhibits and educational programs, by conducting new research that sets the standard for zoos across the country and by building innovative solutions for species and habitat conservation in other countries.

That trifecta of education, research and conservation helps position the Butterfly Pavilion as a treasure on the  Colorado Front Range that impacts the globe, and their stickers help bring in folks close to home to see what's going on with invertebrates in their backyard.

Learn more about the Butterfly Pavilion in this video