Llama Destroys the World Sticker Sheets Help Promote Macmillan Children's Publishing


Macmillan Publishers has printed books for generations, and their various imprints serve audiences of readers that span ages and genres. The Henry Holt imprint publishes books for children, and their bright, fun sticker sheet helps promote the new book Llama Destroys the World.

This picture book is a debut appearance for author/illustrator team Jonathan Stutzman and Heather Fox as they "introduce young readers to the comical, the studious, the oblivious Llama, a picture-book hero for the ages."

On the sticker sheet we meet, Llama, the next great picture-book megastar. According to the publisher, "Llama most definitely drives in a bus and loves tacos way more than you." On the sticker sheet, you can see nine different illustrations of scenes from the book. Along with his bus driving prowess and taco-loving persona, Llama also loves cake (check out the cake peel off above!).

That’s where his story begins.

The book follows Llama through a week. On Monday, Llama discovers a pile of cake, which he eats. On Tuesday, Llama squeezes into his dancing pants, which he rips. Obviously. By Friday, Llama has unintentionally and indirectly destroyed the world. Now here's the twist, because it's not just cake eating and pants ripping: The force of Llama's pants splitting fervor creates a black hole in the universe. You'll have to pick up this book to see what happens on Saturday and Sunday before the week is over. It's quite the page turner.

More about the Author

"Jonathan Stutzman is an award-winning independent filmmaker and writer of books for children. His short films have screened around the world and on television, and he is a contributing writer to the bestselling collection The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories and Emmy-winning variety show HitRecord on TV. When he isn’t writing, Jonathan loves books, playing with his puppy, exploring, and watching old black and white movies. He is a staunch believer in the power of stories and the deliciousness of donuts. Jonathan lives in the wilds of Lancaster, Pennsylvania."

More about the Illustrator

"Heather Fox is an illustrator of stories for children. Her art is filled with quirk and dashes of whimsy that is created in both doodle and digital forms. When she isn’t creating, she is probably drinking a hot cup of coffee, eating Chinese food, or chasing down her dog (Sir Hugo) that has stolen one of her socks. Fox's books for children include The Elephant's Nose and Llama Destroys the World. She also lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania."

Just a Bit More About this Perforated Sticker Sheet Design

Let's talk a little bit more about this sticker sheet, which is worth highlighting because it's one of the more unique concepts we've seen come through the shop. Let's start with the perforation down the middle. This added feature to our matte die cut sticker allows the design to fold in half and then provides the sticker uses with the opportunity to cleanly rip the sheet in half. It also folds neatly for sending in envelopes or tucking into a book. The design itself has nine peel offs that represent characters and moments from the book. It's the ultimate tie-in for a reader, as they are able to read the book and then bring the characters along for their own journey that stretches past the pages. The matte finish gives the sticker sheet a smooth feel that really enhances the colors and this design.

Stickers for kids are a great way to connect with a current and potential fan, and in this case will really help readers build a world and not just destroy it like Llama.

Watch the promo trailer for their book