Custom Labels Add A Touch of Divine Branding to Heavenly Waffles Products


Heavenly Waffles likes to say they are the most unique waffles mix on the market, and ever since they visited our office in March, we'd have to agree.

Chef Bob Haney started making these waffles for his grandmother way back in the day when he'd visit her in Omaha. While going through the kitchen, he had limited supplies, and he tweaked a pancake/crepe recipe by adding club soda, an egg, and 3 tablespoons of oil.

Since then, he's continued to improve the mix, getting his product to 40% of the dry mix as yogurt based, which is why Heavenly Waffles are only 110 calories and 7 grams of protein. That's quite a feat for a breakfast treat, and now Heavenly Waffles can be found online at and in participating food service facilities. To get the word out about this product, Chef Bob travels to trade shows and serves local businesses in Omaha, and he performs pop-ups in housewares stores, like Williams Sonoma.Heavenly-Waffles-Chef-Bob-Visited-StickerGiant

They use our product labels with a circle to brand just about everything, from gift bags to syrup bottles and of course to label the packages of dry mix found on their website. They've got their brand name and their website to bring home the message to anyone that sees their products.


One of the best parts of their website is the Recipes page, where you can find truly fantastic creations, from a waffle-based Banana Foster recipe to a Green Chile-themed delicacy. There's no end to the creativity in these recipes, and you can tell that Chef Bob takes pride in how his Heavenly Waffles work as a base for culinary improvisation.

If you're interested to learn more about Heavenly Waffles, head to their Facebook page to give a Like and get updates, and there are some delicious photos on their Instagram account as well.

Some Bonus Podcast Content from Chef Bob

After feeding our team, Chef Bob sat down with Andrew from the podcast team to talk about how his journey to becoming a chef with his own brand actually started as a fashion model. Along the way, they spoke about product design, marketing and how to evolve in the fast-paced food service industry. Naturally, they started with the story of his time in his grandmother's kitchen and how Heavenly Waffles has evolved over time. Check it out below.