Niwot Market and Deli Supports Local Colorado Grocery with Tasteful Custom Labels


Niwot Market and Deli is a local grocery and bakery in Niwot, Colorado, and they have tasteful labels displaying their brand so it travels from the market into the community.

Founded in 2002 by the Steele family, the mission at Niwot market is to offer the best quality, healthy foods available for their customers. They buy only the best local produce daily to ensure the freshest options available, carrying over 50 organic produce items at all times. Supporting local farmers helps the grocery bring the highest quality and closest food source to their patrons.

If you're hungry for a grab-and-go meal or want to sit in their dining area, The Deli has a full selection of hot and cold sandwiches along with homemade soups and a full breakfast menu. They take pride in knowing their customers on a first name basis, they are busy working to try to keep the lines as short as possible so you can pop in and out with ease.

In the bakery you can find Kirsten, who runs the department. She makes the cupcakes and cakes in house as well as custom cakes and desserts, and when you see the Bakery label you know it was made from scratch on site. In their Floral department you can find all the flower arrangements you'll need. In their events tab on the website, you can scope out their Catering, options, there's Friday Night Dinner, where on summer Friday nights they host a buffet-style dinner on the patio with meals prepared by Chef Seth, Chef Ethan, and the staff. Lastly, the Pancake Breakfast is an event that happens over the summer months. Check in with them on Facebook to find out when they have their next event.

The key to their label design is a dominant use of type for each sticker, but with different font choices to help differentiate. For the big DELI label there's a custom shape and dark green coloring, with their tagline "The Good Stuff," and then on the Bakery label there's a script font and text wrapping around the branding with fun phrases like "Crafted with Local Niwot Love" and "Made From Fresh Natural Goodness." Using labels to both display their brand and have some fun shows how committed the team at Niwot Market is to their business and their customers.