Neon Retro Arcade Die Cut Throwback Logo Sticker


Neon Retro Arcade is an old-school arcade in Southern California that has favorite retro video and pinball games for all to enjoy. If you were around in the 1980s or 1990s, you'll be able to take a nostalgic trip into the past to play games that were all the rage back in the day, and if you're just getting into gaming, you'll be able to connect with people through some friendly competition, even on some of their new-school console game. Galaga? Ms. Pac-Man? They've got 'em, and more.

The die cut promotional sticker Neon Retro Arcade printed up displays their decidedly throwback logo treatment straight out of the original movies Tron or Back to the Future, and the design runs right to the sticker's edge for full application wherever their fans find a spot.

"Walking into an arcade in the 80s & 90s was like entering a vivid dream filled with colorful lights and enticing sounds. Whether you were battling alien spaceships, street fighters, or crazy demons, everyone depended on you to save the world, one credit at a time."

Neon Retro Arcade offers easy, fun and unique events, whether it's a birthday parties, company events, or a special get-together, and it's clear their sense of style is spot on for their brand. They have a location in Pasadena and one in Northridge, and they are building a committed fan base with great games and plenty of great media coverage. For other small businesses out there, the Neon Retro Arcade story is instructive, as this co-founder pair found their passion and followed it to success. In 2016, they were selected by Facebook to be a part of the 2016 Small & Medium Business (SMB) Council. They work with 12 other businesses from across the US to work closely with Facebook & Instagram to provide feedback on how their services can best meet the needs of small businesses across the country. They are clearly using social media to great effect to get the word out, and custom stickers will make for easy pieces of content for fans to share and tag the arcade with.

More about promotional stickers

Our die cut stickers are just one option for custom promotional stickers for your brand. We offer kiss cut stickers and clear stickers as well, and we have a few finish options from glossy to matte and if they come on individual stickers or on rolls.

Neon Retro Arcade went with the die cut option, and that sticker product features full color matching and free laser die cuts. These stickers are outdoor durable and have a crack and peel backing for easy application. You can run your design to the edge of the sticker or have a slight outline like you see on the Neon Retro Arcade sticker. It's up to you, since we're all about customizing and making sure it's right for your logo.