Matte circle event stickers for InTents Conference help grow farmers' market businesses

StickerGiant-Intents-Conference-Circle-Sticker-2018Farmers' markets help bring fresh produce and artisanal products to local markets, and the second InTents Conference seeks to promote strong, profitable farmers with their annual gathering.

To promote their event and leave a mark that sticks, the organizing team printed up a matte die cut circle that is the ideal way to promote the event. From the time people arrive on site to the moment they leave, event-goers will be able to display a portable and iconic piece of branding to remember their time in San Diego. The matte finish has a smooth touch and doesn't shine, leaving quite the impression on the end user.

The InTents Conference is produced for farmers’ market businesses throughout the U.S. by San Diego Markets, and it's designed to increase the profits of all farmers’ market participants: farmers, food makers, farmers’ market managers and community sponsors.

San Diego Markets manages San Diego County’s largest farmers’ markets and what's known as the Vendor-101 program for start-up market vendors. The goal of the InTents teams is to strengthen farmers’ market business across the United States and to help make them more profitable.

For the next two days, the people who attend the 2018 InTents Conference will have access to speakers, panels, roundtables and networking opportunities where they will will discover new information and resources for branding, financing, food prep, ingredients, packaging, operating supplies, signage, insurance, management services, and more. It doesn't matter if these folks are farmers, artisan food makers, or farmers’ market managers, they'll likely find smart new ways to increase their income and energize their market community.

Since they are bringing people together with a positive mission, we thought this was a unique sponsorship opportunity. Our sponsorship program is designed for events and charities that fall in line with the goals and values of StickerGiant, and as you'll see, the InTents team has packed in a lot of education and networking for their attendees. We also see a great audience with farmers' markets, as all of their goods need product labels, and we proudly serve our local market vendors and vendors across the country.

More about event stickers and custom shapes

Custom shaped stickers printed by StickerGiant

InTents Conference chose a circle sticker on our die cut product, which is a great option for their event. We have many other choices of our standard shapes, from ovals and rectangles to squares and custom shapes. Custom shapes, especially on our die cut finishing machine, really help your logo stand out. There's truly no end to the creative ways you can represent your brand and help reinforce your message to the people attending your event.