Custom sticker sheets bring the WordPress community together and spread the WordCamp message


We've got a really busy weekend of events, and today we're highlighting WordCamps that feature simply sublime sticker sheets with creativity and design in spades.

Our dear friend Wapuu has two visits scheduled: first he's taking a trip (by horseback!) to WordCamp Dallas-Forth Worth, and then he's off to WordCamp Orlando as a many-costumed super hero. This cuddly character really logs those frequent flyer miles to spread the WordPress message.

Since these are event stickers, the organizing team has the opportunity to include their event branding with a unique, local touch. When it comes to events, we support many volunteer-led initiatives all around the world through stickers, whether they are logo stickers or event branded sticker sheets. Promotional stickers are one of our favorite product types, and the WordPress community has been printing up these whimsical stickers for years.

More than just just fun stickers, they're web design too

Another reason we love these event stickers is that the corresponding websites take the theme from sticker, and then the site design and navigation icons all relate to the theme of the year. Since we see so many events, it's interesting to watch them grow over the years and become more sophisticated. WordCamps, as a general rule, have a great organizational structure and focus on celebrating and developing the WordPress core.

Event stickers reach people where they are

WordCamps have plenty of educational opportunities for attendees to grow their skills and improve their knowledge of WordPress, and since WordPress powers nearly 25% of all websites on the Internet, we know that the folks who are there will be helping build the World Wide Web of the future. Events are place where we find StickerGiant stickers on laptops, on car windows and all over tables where businesses are representing their services. Stickers help you promote your brand and your message, and a sticker sheet provides customization like few other products.