DUSK Music Festival Brings Art and Community to Tuscon


DUSK is a musical experience held in the heart of Tucson at the Historic Rillito Downs, and they are promoting their event with this custom square kiss cut sticker.

This unique music festival pushes boundaries by bringing nationally recognized musical acts to this desert city. There will be a diverse group of people who genuinely care about Tucson and are energized to be a part in its continuous reinvention. For two days, people in attendance will experience delicious local foods, glorious weather, great people and amazing music.

Tuscon is the heart the Sonoran desert that's both stunning and trippy. Many artists are inspired by the colors, terrain, and vibes that one can only experience in the desert, and the Dusk Music Festival will make for an ideal setting to experience the magic firsthand.

The organizing team has brought in some of their favorite local artists who’ve created interactive art for the fest.
Neon Desert comes from Donovan White, local artist extraordinaire. He has constructed one of Arizona’s largest blacklight neon installations for the festival. With the help of polarized 3D glasses he brings to life a interactive portrayal of the Sonoran desert. Tucson artist Joe Pagac will be produced the Dusk artist mural. Violet Kasser/ RedViolet of Monsoon Collective brings the Sonoran Desert alive with her Surreal Desert Forest, which is a collection of of hand-carved sculptures in epic proportions will have transport concert goers to a magical desert play land that will engage the entire mind and body.

Bonus: DUSK kicks off with a complimentary yoga class on Friday and Saturday before the festival. Get your zen on with before rocking out in the crowd. The class is free to public, and all levels are welcome. Don’t forget to bring water and a yoga mat.

This stands (and bends!) to be a weekend full of art, music and community. Enjoy, DUSK'ers.