Memphis Welcomes Creatives for Three Days of Connection and Inspiration


The team at the Creative Works Conference believes that creativity can solve problems that money and politics can’t, and we support that mission. They are helping promote their cause with a bold yellow and black circle logo sticker featuring a sharp design of their logo mark in the middle.

You can see the letter C and W, with the C split in half for the two C's in their name. Then the lighting bolts that tie the event name together surrounded by what looks like a large machine cog, signifying the creative process where a small spark can turn the wheels of inspiration in motion. It's small touches like these that really stand out for the folks that receive this sticker, and when we see these flourishes pass through our shop we just have to pause and admire the truly creative work of our customers.

Memphis will play host city for three days of creative inspiration, growth, and connections. This year’s Creative Works Conference lineup features dozens of influential design, branding, digital, and storytelling experts that will provide full-hearted talks, practical workshops, and too-fun afterparties. There will be three-hour, hands-on sessions led by top creatives from around the country, and all proceeds help continue year-round programming in Memphis, where this team leverages design to accelerate change.

Creative Works is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and they bring designers, makers, manufacturers, and brands from all over the country to downtown Memphis. They offer up local vendors to the mix, so attendees will  have more apparel, prints, pins, and goodies to choose from.